You've probably made resolutions, yes? Just like you made them
last year? Did you keep all the resolutions you made last year?
Did you achieve all the goals you set out to achieve? If not, do
you plan to do things differently this year? I hope so. Question
is, do you know *what* to do differently?

You've probably heard the saying that 'if you keep doing the
same things you'll keep getting the same results.' So if you
desire different results this year, you've got to do things
differently. If not, you'd qualify to be called 'insane'
according to a school of thought that defines insanity as
'doing the same things but expecting different outcomes'.

Here are 10 things you should be doing if you desire to see
your resolutions or goals manifest this year.

1. Know who you are.

Quit focusing on outward things, which are really reflections of
what goes on inside your mind. You are not your body. You are not
your possessions. You are a spirit being made in God's image. Your
body houses the real you. Your natural state is perfect health and
abundance. If your current (outward) reality does not reflect this,
it is because you have let your circumstances control your life.
Knowing and acknowledging who you really are, and the implications
of this Truth, and meditating on what it means, will put you in a
position to cause your physical reality to reflect your true inner
reality: perfect health, joy and abundance.

2. Define clearly what you desire.

Do not limit yourself here. I have not asked you to decide what you
think you can have or what you think you deserve or what your mama thinks
you should have. I am suggesting here, that you should state what
*you* would like to be, do and have, which you don't have right now.
Use your imagination - that's what it's there for. You
have an open cheque, so to speak. Fill it in with what you choose.
This is why you are told to 'Ask for whatsoever you desire...'.
Let that desire be clear in your mind.

3. Believe that what you desire is *already here*.

Everything in this world is energy. Energy cannot be created nor
destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to another - if
you took Physics classes you'll be familiar with this statement.
Well here's a real-life application of this law.

Everything you desire, everything you could ever possibly wish
for, already exists! It simply exists in intangible form, waiting
for to do what you need to do in order to change it to its
material version. You know how water can change from steam to
liquid to solid (ice)? Different forms, same substance.
Same thing applies to your desires. Believe this, and you're
fortifying your 'power positioning'.

This is why you are told to '...believe that you receive what you
ask for, and you shall have it...'

You will learn more about this and the other tips in this article
in subsequent issues of this newsletter.

4. Practice daily gratitude for what you desire.

Being thankful for something before you receive it strengthens your
faith, and keeps your mind focused on the object of your gratitude.
Benefit: what you focus on is what you get (according to the 'Law
of Attraction'.). An attitude of gratitude also puts into motion the
Law of action and reaction - when you give thanks to God for already
granting you what you've asked for, you trigger a response from Him
towards you - 'whatsoever you desire'.

5. Practice genuine forgiveness.

Here's what we're trying to do: cause the thing you desire to be
attracted to you. Unforgiveness, grudges, malice, hatred, doubts and
fear are examples of things that cause resistance and block the flow
of that which you desire. So if you've got a grudge against someone,
or a feeling of resentment, even if they've wronged you, forgive them.
Do this for *you*. I love this saying "harbouring resentment or
unforgiveness against someone is like you drinking poison and waiting
for the other person to die." So true. The only person to lose in
this scenario is you. So just let go. Let them be. Let the blessings
have a f*r*E*E, unobstructed channel to flow to you.

6. Practice genuine love.

Love everyone, whether you feel like it or not. Treat everyone
exactly how you'dlike to be treated.

As Og Mandino puts it in 'The Greatest Salesman In The World',
when you meet or come across someone today, think to yourself
'I love you' - send everyone thoughts of love, whether or not you
know them. Then relate to everyone with genuine love. Not sure what
that means? Real love means treating others with kindness, patience,
respect, belief in the best, not envious, rejoicing when others do well,
not self-seeking, and thinking only good thoughts towards others.
Treat everyone this way unconditionally and your 'power positioning'
becomes the strongest it could possibly be.

7. Practice genuine detachment.

Don't be attached to anything or anyone. When you forgive and love
people, don't do it expecting them to treat you the same way in
return. Do it because it's in your best interest to do so. Do it
knowing that you will receive, though not necessarily from the ones
you've given to. Trust that God will see to it that you get well
compensated for everything you give.

If you're a business owner, I hope you see how this principle alone
takes away any fear or pressure you may feel when prospecting or
marketing your business.

If you're an employee, think how much more fun your job will be
when you give it your best shot, not for your boss to notice,
but because you know that God will reward you (with 'whatsoever
you desire'), simply because of the good seed you're sowing all
around you.

8. Practice daily sowing - Take ACTION.

Taking the right action positions you to receive what you desire and
believe you'll receive.

That's why it's important to know what you desire in the first place.
When you do, then you'll know which steps to take to help you get

With your mind set the right way (see tips 1 to 7 above), you have a
solid foundation to base your actions on. The right actions, that is.
Note that the right action means doing the things that move you closer
to your goal, to the very best of your ability. Even if it's not
apparent how something contributes to your goal (eg your current job
may not have any immediate bearing to your desired goal), do everything
the best way you know how. When all your actions are successful, they
add up to a successful life.

9. Practice daily giving.

Give something of yourself everyday. Start each day determined to add
value to someone's life. Everything you give is a seed sown, and you
will reap it in multiples. It's a Universal Law - nothing you can do
about it:). If you desire financial abundance, be a regular giver to
those that are less fortunate, or to your church or other place of
spiritual support. Give, not because you expect back from the person
you're giving to, but because you know that the supply is limitless
and in giving you receive from God. And here's a 'secret': the
very act of giving, sends a message to your subconscious mind that
'I have'.

Remember, you attract what your subconscious mind dwells on.
So by being a habitual giver, your predominant subconscious mindset
is 'I have', and you attract more of that which you give. When you don't
give because you're afraid you won't have enough, you send the message
to your subconscious mind that 'I don't have enough', and you attract
more lack as a result of your fear.

Super tip: start your 'giving' habit by sending this email to at least
one person you know - this information may be just what they need.

10. Practice Proactive Health Maintainance.

Your body is the only one you've got. None of your goals matter if it's
in poor shape. Look after the temple you've been blessed with. One
remarkable thing about the human body is that anytime you treat it
the way God intended, it rewards you with an amazing degree of health,
energy, vitality (side effects: good body weight, incredible self-
esteem), and it displays the ability to heal itself as well.
So take care of your body. Treat it with respect. First become
health-conscious. Then follow that up with the right actions -
healthy, balanced diet; cellular nutrition with quality supplementation;
regular, moderate exercise.

Bonus tip:

Commit to lifelong learning.

Ever heard that 'leaders are readers' or
'earners are learners'? Both statements are true. Study personal development
material, study material about your chosen field of endeavour, study
the Bible, study, study, study. Spend quality time each day studying and
meditating on what you learn. You can only become a better human
being by learning and applying what you learn.

Think you need discipline to achieve what you desire? You bet you will!
But consider this: which price would you rather pay? The 'price' of
discipline, or the price of regret? Whatever 'discipline' you reqiure
is short-term, with long-term benefits, unlike regret, which lasts long
after the fact.

If you go through the above list again, you'll realize that the area you
need to discipline really is your thoughts. If you can control your
thoughts and keep them on the right things, everything else will fall
in place. So that's what you need to work on more than anything else
this year.

Go for it - you deserve it, and you can do it (refuse to think different).

Best wishes to you.

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Dr Kem Thompson is The Total Success Coach. Also known as The Women's Success Coach, she teaches clients how to create Total Success with ease by acting in harmony with Natural Laws/Universal Principles which affect every one of us.

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