The first step in organizing a small closet is to go through and purge any items you no longer wear or use. Then, looking at what remains, decide what items you use regularly (undergarments, work clothes, jeans, workout clothes), those you use occasionally (formal wear, bathing suits), and what you use seasonally—basically winter (sweaters, corduroy pants) versus summer wardrobe (shorts, sundresses).

Items that are out of season can be stored either in bins on the highest shelf, at the back of the closet, or even elsewhere in a trunk or under the bed. Infrequently used items should be pushed to one end of the bar; keep the space that’s most accessible for frequently used items. Group like things together—T-shirts, blouses, pants, skirts. By hanging shorter items together you will create space on the floor below or maybe even room for a second lower bar to be installed. You can put a set of drawers on the floor of the closet to store things that do not require hanging.

You should consider whether the none-wardrobe items in your closet truly belong there or if there is a better place for them with similar items. These items should be sorted and stored in labelled baskets, bins, or boxes on the shelf, with items you use more frequently closer at hand.

Don’t forget to use the space on the back of the closet door and side walls to hang hooks or pocketed organizers, which are great for shoes, scarves, mittens, accessories, and smaller items. You may also want to consider purchasing organizers which hang off the closet bar and are great for shoes and sweaters, but not heavier items. Closet organizers can be found at discount department stores or home ware stores in the laundry or closet section.

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