While having a new child to join your family may be one of the most exciting and joyous times in your life, it can also be terrifying. The more you read about taking care of an infant and toddler, the more you realize just how many things can go wrong. Luckily, many things can also go right. Being prepared is one important way to ensure that you and your home are ready to go when the stork makes its long expected stop at your door.

Getting your home organized for a baby is actually something of a fun experience. The planning, shopping and excitement serves to build the anticipation, and as long as there are people around you willing to help, the work around the house should not be too overwhelming. The hardest spot to get ready is the baby’s bedroom, but the possibilities for pleasure in this endeavor are endless.

While the most important part of getting your house ready for an infant is the safety of your child, the sanity of his/her parent/s should also be taken into account. Taking care of a newborn is tiring work, and you should be sure to plan your baby’s bedroom in such a way that it makes your life easier. First, make sure you get all of the essential items. A crib, changing area, rocking chair, dresser, and baby swing are all must have items. You can get by without a changing area, but you probably want to include this because it is easier to work when you have one.

Going beyond these items in terms of furniture is a bit risky. Avoiding clutter in your child’s room is unequivocally crucial to maintaining your energy. The room should be like a wagon circle. Put the crib near the door and away from any direct sunlight or drafts. This way you can easily enter and exit the room as necessary when the child is sleeping, and the baby is protected from the elements. The crib should also have an outlet nearby for a nightlight, CD player, or other useful items.

Next to the crib should be the changing table. Do you want to carry a crying baby all the way across the room at four in the morning? Put the table next to the crib, and this becomes much easier. Around the changing table, you should have storage for diapers, changing supplies, a rolling storage container for easy access and a trashcan designed for diapers to avoid smell. From here, things can be placed in whatever order you feel would work the best.

Be sure to keep things around the outside of the room like a border. Keep the middle of the room open so that you can easily walk from one side to the other in the dark. Indeed, this ideal really goes for your whole house at this point. You may have to navigate your living space with a small child. Avoid places that may trip you up. It is also recommended to put the rocking chair as far from the changing table as possible. This helps keep you feeling more distanced from the changing process while rocking your child to sleep.

When it comes to getting the rest of your house ready for your baby, things become a little bit more complicated. There are a few rules that you should be sure to follow no matter what. Have diapers and changing products in easily accessible areas around the whole space, maybe even in every room. Be prepared for feeding. Have comfortable places to sit with the child all over the house. Also, be prepared for the child to get a little bit away from you. It is going to happen at some point. No matter how diligent you are, at some point your little bundle of joy may wander away to another room. This does not make you a bad parent, but you do need to make sure that every room is baby proofed.

Do not put heavy, sharp, or breakable items on low shelves that the child can reach. Also, do put furniture that is small enough for the baby to knock over within his/her reach. For example, a small bookshelf that is used for knick-knacks can easily be pulled over by a toddler. The furniture and items on it can then fall on his/her head and cause an injury. One way to avoid problems of this nature is to put latches on hutch doors that the child can reach. Plug up the outlets. These small measures can pay dividends.

It is always a good idea to create a space that is ready for your child to live in. This makes your job as a parent easier and more enjoyable. Take the time to get your entire house ready for your child, and enjoy the experience of parenting and watching your children grow up.

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