I know you are thinking right now "Why do I have bulimia? How can I overcome it? And why isn’t anything I tried before stopping it and has failed to help?"
You understand that bulimia is slowly killing you and ruining your life but you can't stop. It seems like something inside you is stronger that your own will.
Do you want to know what this "something else" is?
Well! It is another part of your brain called the subconscious mind that not only is responsible for your feelings, emotions and non-conscious actions that keep you alive, but it can also work against your own free will.
It is the part of the mind that is responsible for our actions when we do something but we don't know why we did it. Like when we get angry and explode, then we don't know why we did it (when there is no conscious explanation for it).
The subconscious mind operates on feelings and senses. And very often people can't even describe it logically. They just do what the subconscious mind wants.
So, the reason you have bulimia lies in your subconscious mind and to overcome bulimia you need to get rid off your subconscious blockages that always keep you being a bulimic against you will.
This is a major reason why conventional therapy doesn't work in most cases, because they try to affect the conscious mind of the person only. They don't change a person’s subconscious. That's why when bulimics come back home from the clinic or doctor's room they continue their distractive eating behavior unabated again and again.
One of the common subconscious blockages bulimics have is the "broken eye syndrome". This is when bulimics see themselves fatter then they are and see their entire environment and other people in a different (wrong) way.
So, in order to overcome bulimia you should really find a way to change your subconscious mind and overcome these subconscious blockages that cause your bulimia.
Without working on your subconscious you will always come back to the same spot when you first started your bulimia and recovery becomes impossible, it is a never ending circle.
To conclude, if you have been unable to stop you bulimia it more that likely is a result of a subconscious emotional blockage. For example, the most common blockage is the "broken eye syndrome".
If you have a subconscious emotional blockage preventing you from stopping the bulimia, you are unlikely to realize it. An example of this is a bulimic who doesn’t realize that they have "broken eye syndrome" - they see in a mirror a different picture from everyone else: basically their own mind is lying to them.
You are almost certainly not consciously aware of what the blockage is. For example again the “broken eye syndrome" - people are not aware of it, they truly believe that what they see in a mirror is the truth.
Subconscious self-beliefs cannot be identified and changed at the rational thinking level. For example, the “broken eye syndrome" gets worse and worse the longer you have bulimia, because the bulimic brain is constantly working on false information.
Identifying and eliminating your subconscious blockages is the best and really the only way you will ever overcome bulimia.
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Dr Irina Webster MD is the Director of Women Health Issues Program which covers different areas of Women Health. She is a recognised athority in the eating disorders area. She is an author of many books and a public speaker. www.bulimia-cure.com