The greatest fear that is affecting us right now is our financial situation. The stress of our dwindling retirement accounts, fear of losing our jobs and houses is consuming our nation. So many of us are terrified, extremely stressed and unsure of what is going to happen to us.

Watching the news makes this stress and fear even worse. It is downright depressing. You should limit your viewing of the news; it only creates more fear. Instead try to watch sitcoms, funny movies, westerns, and romance movies - they will lift your spirits.

To put it all in perspective, think about what you fear the most about your situation. Figure out what you can change and what can not be changed. Go ahead and start making the changes that you can and don’t worry about the other things that you can’t change. Oh yeah, right! How do I not worry about them?

Well, consider this; does your worrying ever change anything? No, of course it never does. So why worry? This is something you need to keep telling yourself over and over again. Worrying does not help and it definitely does not change anything.

When you find yourself starting to worry, remind yourself of this and think of something positive. Visualize doing something that you enjoy or picture a relaxing scene - a sailboat gliding across the water - anything that makes you feel happy. It is hard to do at first, but the more you practice, the more your subconscious mind receives the message that you do not want this stress and fear in your mind. It does become easier.

Many people, including myself, have had really great success with meditation, self hypnosis and brain entrainment audios to help calm this fear and stress. They can help you lower your threshold for stress. Spending thirty minutes each day listening to these audios will make you feel less stressed, calmer and more at peace with yourself.

You should take at least fifteen to thirty minutes a day in quiet solitude in order to calm your mind and relax your body. It will make a world of difference in your quality of life.

As the old saying goes - Don’t Worry - Be Happy!

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Pat Evans is an internet entrepreneur with several businesses. Researching and studying all aspects of self development, she has incorporated this information, along with her own visions,  put it all together and established the web site Life's This web site is designed to help people enrich their lives with hope, purpose and passion and to eliminate fear, loneliness and despair.  Visit her web site for a free newsletter and ebook.