Female sexuality has always had a mystique of it's own. Scientists, poets, religion have tried Tantra Goddessto explain this raw power as an 'excess' to be controlled, managed, and suppressed and even himself Freud claimed never to have understood female sexuality.

Tantra on the other hand - an ancient all encompassing philosophy from India, takes a completely different view. Men and women are considered part of the divine, lovers therefore represent a beautiful divine spark though which to explore and expand the limitations of mind, body and souls.

Women are tantric goddesses or devis and the vagina is referred to as the ‘yoni' or ‘sacred space'. Indeed all of a woman's body, mind and soul are to be revered and as she accepts her innate sexual power and confidence her power, energy and allure grows even more powerful.

Unfortunately women don't experience a fraction of this power. Fatigue, stress and responsibilities all drain the mind, body and soul until a woman is left numb, tired, unfufilled and simply not in the mood.

So how do you become this sexual tantric goddess?

Explore tantra to awaken sexual energy lying dormant in the body and channel through the body, life and relationship.

First take stock of your energy levels, mental, physical, and emotional. Remove all the negative and influence and increase the positive.

Food Exercise Self Love and Care Negative Influences Creative Rest Fun

Slow down to life and learn to focus the mind through meditation or a creative indulgence. Learn to breathe deeply and fully for at least 5 minutes a day to keep oxygen levels pulsating around the body. If meditation is difficult simply find 5-10 minutes a day to rest and a read a book or listen to some relaxing music, and of course- shut the TV off!

Re-discover the pleasures of your body by taking the time to explore your sensuality, pleasure.

Explore what visually excites and stimulates you - sound, sight, taste, hearing and touch.

Spend 5 minutes a day , to simply touch and explore your body. Eventually proceed to initiate female self arousal and exploration. Learn on to switch in the sensational female arousal and sexual power at will . Use tantric visualization exercises to breathe and circulate energy though out the body and genitals. Reclaim that raw sexual power and energy and unleash the tigress within you!

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Maya Silverman is an expert on the ' Power of Sensual Touch'. She enjoys sharing her expert knowledge on Erotic, Sensual and Tantric massage practices to increase pleasure, sensuality, satisfaction and intimacy in your relationship. Claim your 2 Free Gifts : A 5 Part eCourse 'Food, Great Sexual Health and Erotic Massage' plus the eBook: 'How to Creating a Sizzling Sensual Massage Experience - Setting the Scene' instantly at erotic-massage-guide.com