We spend roughly one-third of our day in our bedrooms, most of it sleeping. Little wonder it can be difficult to keep a bedroom tidy and clutter-free. Following these easy-to-remember steps will help you keep things in order—maybe even get a good night’s sleep.

Make your bed first thing in the morning. It makes the room look tidier and will motivate you to keep it that way.

Keep a laundry basket handy for dirty laundry to avoid creating piles of clothes on the floor.

Add hooks to your closets for belts, scarves, and accessories to keep them organized and prevent them from being misplaced. You should also consider attaching a tie or shoe rack inside your closet doors.

Arrange your dresser so you have one drawer for underwear and one for socks or stockings. Consider sorting through your dresser drawers every two months to discard items that have holes or mismatched socks.

Place your purses on a shelf, or hang them on a coat rack. This will free up space and allow you to easily access and change purses for any event or season.

Sort your clothing seasonally. Place all clothing items that are not in season in plastic containers, and place them in a storage closet or in the bottom of your clothes closet.

At the beginning of each season, hang all of your clothing hangers backwards. After you wear and wash an item, return it to your closet and set the hanger straight. At the end of the season, anything that is still hung backwards should be donated since you didn’t wear it for six months.

Can’t accommodate a large jewellry box? There are attractive, multi-compartment containers available that allow you to arrange your necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Get your shoes off the floor and onto a shoe rack, on shelves, or even in a shoe bag.

Don’t have a separate linen closet? Fold and place linen on top of a closet or dresser, if easily accessible.

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