Do you remember the very first few moments of your morning immediately after you awoke? I do. The reason I remember those moments is because I have trained my mind to pay attention to the details of life.

I now notice the smiles on the faces, the sparkle of enthusiasm and hope in the eyes and the words that are spoken from the inner feelings and thoughts of others. I have become acutely aware that this is it.

There isn't any tomorrow until tomorrow becomes today.

I can change nothing in the past and I am not guaranteed a tomorrow. This day, this moment is all that you and I have to call reality. So why do so many people live in the past or future? Because they have attached a personal value to events that have already occurred and become memories or they hold special beliefs and expectations for things that may yet come true.

They are so focused on looking back for better understanding of some situation in the past or pondering the future that the moments of daily living rush right by in front of their eyes and they notice almost none of the rich details.

In fact, many of the past pains and tribulations were caused by their lack of focus on those details when they were in the present.

There are so many important moments that you might be ignoring right now. Here are a few:

Your Spouse

This is the person you share life and the living process with. You must learn to mature and evolve with them or one day you will find yourself staring at a stranger that you have known for years. Learn to really listen to them with your ears, eyes and heart. Notice what is important to them and experience the feelings they are having in the moment.

Your Children

Children are only young once and for a very limited time. Take a few moments out of each day for your children. Really learn to focus on the details of that sparkle in their eye and the innocence of their thoughts, feelings and touch.

Family and Friends

Some will come and others will go and some will pass never to been seen or heard again. Value the moments you have with family members and close friends when they are happening not years later when the moments are a distant blur in memory.

Business Associates

Some become lifelong friends, but others who were so close during the situation eventually fade into the past as you or they move on to new endeavors. Focus on these moments rather than just going through the motions of daily function. Each person you meet enriches your life in some way.

Lifestyle Leisure Activities

These are the moments when most of your fond memories are created. You may be with family or friends or you may be all alone. The experience is what you make it at that moment and what you choose to take away from the experience in feeling and memory.

Train yourself to experience life to the fullest. Take in all of the wonderful details around you and strive to make each experience a happy moment. Learn to be grateful for all of the wonderful gifts you have been given in life without focusing on the results you have gotten that weren't what you expected or desired.

Life is all about meaning. Many times you create your own meanings through your personal interpretations of pure meaning, interpretations that have taken black and white meaning and colored it in with Human Triggers such as emotions and desire. The feelings you get influence your decisions and the results in your life.

A clear focus on the details of living will help you to develop more accurate meanings and therefore make better decisions and get more predictable results.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Gentry has taken to heart the lessons shared with him over the years by his mentors. He continues to enrich himself through sharing his knowledge and insight with others in the attempt to better society by making even the slightest positive change in his fellow man.

Knowledge is worthless if it is not shared and utilized for positive direction and improvement.