Would you like to make your dream life a reality, regardless of the current economic situation? Of course the answer to that question will be “Yes”! However, many people feel quite negative at the moment and have the idea that they can't achieve any of their goals in these economic times of turmoil. They think the best they can do is maintaining the status quo in their lives. You too may find it hard to stay positive at the moment. Many people talk about recession, losing their jobs, not being able to pay the bills, etc. You may also experience some hardship yourself which quite likely puts you in a negative mindset as well. During a recession, it is really easy to just skip all the empowering techniques you have learned and applied before, thinking; “Oh forget it, it is no use, it won't work now”. You may feel disappointed and frustrated and talk to other people who all agree that this is really, really bad…. The challenge is however, that this creates a vicious circle of negativity within you and around you and dictates what you attract in your life!

Therefore, especially in times of recession, it is extremely important for you to keep a strong belief in the fact that it actually IS possible to attract ANYTHING you want into your life. YOU too can make your dreams a reality, regardless of your current situation or general negativity. You see, the Law of Attraction always works! The Universe doesn't stop responding to people’s thoughts and vibrations just because the economy is said to be bad. This Law of Attraction is called a "law" because that is what it is. It works all the time, anywhere, for anyone, no exceptions. And YOU get to choose RIGHT NOW whether you let it work against you by having negative thoughts, or in support of you, by focusing on your amazing goals and dreams and feeling positive about your life.

So in these times in particular, where many are doubtful and talk about recession and lack, it is even more CRUCIAL to keep your thoughts and feelings positive and empowering in a consistent and structural way, focused on the things you wish to attract into your life. Only then can you defy all negativity and still achieve the goals you set for yourself. This can happen no matter the situation you or the world is in.

So let me ask you a key question right now:

“What quality systems and structures do YOU have in place to make sure you are guiding your thoughts and feelings to be as positive as possibly can be expected on a daily basis, every day?”

It is really important you think about the answer carefully. You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction and the use of visualization techniques to attract your goals and dreams. By visualizing your goals and focusing on them with intent, you basically send out the vibrations that will attract the right circumstances, people for you to make that goal a reality.

One way to do this is to create a Vision Board, which displays the goals and dreams you have for yourself. You can simply glue your dream pictures and affirmations on a big board, or use the more effective and powerful Vision Board software that is available. By keeping focused on these images of your goals with focus and a positive anticipation, and the FEELING AS IF you have already achieved these goals, you will attract them into your reality by Law of Attraction. Many people have started using this technique over the past few years after watching the movie “The Secret” and have reported amazing results. It is important to keep doing this when times get worse. Of course it is easier to be positive and focused when times are good. You may look at your inspiring Vision Board with intent and dream away in excited anticipation of this fantastic life to be. You may have it on your wall, on your iPod or your computer. You feel happy and motivated and over time you notice that you are actually achieving some of your goals; you are on track! When you feel more negative, it may be a bit more challenging to focus on big goals and prosperity pouring into your life. But again: especially then is it important to use these kind of techniques!

Therefore, creating a Vision Board is a MUST if you are serious about creating the life of your dreams, under ANY circumstance. I suggest for you to choose right now to ignore all negativity and instead to focus on abundance and to dream big. Make visualization part of your daily manifestation system TODAY by creating your own powerful Vision Board displaying all the images that represent your dream life. Make sure to have it all around you by having several boards on your wall, create a Vision Board on your computer and on your mobile devices for instance. Look at it every day to keep inspired and focused on your goals. Let it help you FEEL as if you are living your dream life right NOW by watching it daily. This will snowball the attraction of your dreams into your reality. What a powerful way to visualize and manifest your future!

The Law of Attraction is THE KEY to manifesting the abundant health, passion and wealth that is your birthright. Make sure to let it work FOR you!

Author's Bio: 

Cornelis Boertjens is the CEO of OrangePeel Vision Boards, an innovative software company focused on inspiring people to achieve their goals in life using a unique software system called “Vision Board”. "Vision Board" is an easy and very powerful way of creating a Vision Board on your computer, combining your own dream images with your chosen affirmations, power words and even music. You can use it to create a Poster Vision Board, a Vision Board screensaver and even a movie of your Vision Board to be displayed on your i Pod, mobile phone, website, YouTube etc. It is the world's most powerful manifestation tool available today, endorsed by world renowned inspirational speakers such as Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Vic Johnson. For more information feel free to visit http://www.visualizeyourgoals.com.

OrangePeel has just recently launched a fantastic and unique visualization community "VisionLounge" , see visionlounge.com. for more details and FREE registration! On VisionLounge you can even download their powerful eBook "Vision Board Fundamentals" free of charge! Cornelis can be reached via email at cornelis@orangepeel.co.nz