No guy likes a girl who clings to him, but I bet you didn’t know that women hate it just as much. Think I’m wrong? Continue reading.

There’s a vast difference between acknowledging a woman and hanging all over her. When a man clings to his girlfriend, she’s actually being turned off by his behavior. His display of neediness is proof that, deep down, he is insecure. In contrast, men who are truly confident don’t require the constant attention of their girlfriends, and they’re all the more attractive for it.

If you want to attract women, you need to back off a little. The following are three behaviors that women find attractive, so if you think you’re the needy sort, start adopting them today.

Tip #1 – Leave yesterday behind you.

Don’t think you’re the only guy who’s been burned by a woman in the past, because you’re not. Let it go. If you don’t, you’ll never stand a chance at a meaningful relationship built upon trust.

Stop comparing your present girlfriend to those few sour apples, because she’s not them. If you don’t, she’ll decide she’s had enough and leave you.

Tip #2 – Get a life.

If your relationship is the only exciting thing in your life, it’s time to start changing that. By having a fuller schedule, you’ll have less time to harp on what your girlfriend is doing.

What interests you? Do you have any talents that have taken a backseat to your relationship? Now’s the time to revive them. It’s no secret that women love guys with a lot going for them, so get busy!

Tip #3 – Work on your self esteem.

Everybody has confidence issues from time to time, but if taken to extremes, this problem can seriously impact your relationships.

If this sounds like you, it’s paramount that you work to change how you view yourself. Surround yourself with family and friends, and absorb how they think and feel about you. Take an inventory of your positive qualities and skills, and write them down for future reference. Everybody has strengths, and your confidence stems from knowing what yours are.

Final Thoughts

There’s no quicker way to lose a woman than by being clingy. In contrast, if you want to attract women, you must work on yourself first. The qualities that women find attractive are much more than hot looks and a nice set of wheels…they want confidence. And there’s nothing more confident than a man who doesn’t need to be in a relationship in order to be happy.

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