You know that little faint voice you hear in the back of your head, or the hunch that you get in your stomach? The one that tells you whom to trust, what decision to make, which direction to take, or even what to believe about someone, or conclude about some situation you’re faced with?

It's your intuition speaking to you. Are you heeding the message or are you ignoring it like most people?

Unfortunately, the society we've grown up in, has conditioned us not trust our most important valuable sense: our sixth sense- our intuition.

Why? Because our intuition – which we were given at birth – is the key that unlocks the door to unlimited wealth, health, happiness, and answers to dilemmas and questions we face in our daily lives. If we had our intuition, we would have the power to make money, get the right job, make the right business decisions, pick the right partner, and create the life that we so much desire and want.

Intuition works exactly like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets, and the more accurate it will be. For that purpose, I will show you two tested and proven methods I’ve devised, to hone and tap your intuitive-link with god for any answers you’re seeking in your life. These two methods are simple, but very powerful, so don’t be fooled by their simplicity. If used properly, you will gain clarity on your life purpose, unleash your creativity to unprecedented level, and stimulate your imagination like never before.

Method One:

A)Calm your mind, still your thoughts , and write on a blank sheet of paper your own specific question about a particular situation or something pertaining to you ( GOD, what’s the answer or best solution to this issue-name your specific issue?) write this with the hand that you usually write with-your dominant writing hand.

B)Stay still and hand the pen over to your dormant hand, the one you never write with.

C)Wait a second, and the answer or a lead to your answer will come to your mind, and you just write whatever it is with the hand that you never write with.

Follow the answer, even if it's just a lead and not the entire answer, and more steps will be shown to you after you’ve taken the first action. Thank God for helping you and show sincere gratitude.

Method Two:

A)Take one day a week where you don't plan anything at all. Not a single thing.

B)Go to the beach or a place of nature to think about a particular issue or a current situation in your life.

C)Calm yourself, and start gazing at the sky, the stars, the mountain or any natural place you favor.

D)Get in the feeling of really enjoying Mother Nature and noticing the abundance and beauty surround you.

E)Gently, tune in to your intuition on that particular issue concerning you and ask for help with answers in a very specific question format.

F)Be open and flexible to answers coming in different ways and forms.

You be surprised of all the clarity, ideas, and strangers (messengers) you might meet on that day that GOD sends your way to provide you the answer to whatever you ponder. Always remember to be grateful and thank GOD afterwards, and you will receive more clues and unmistakable signs for sure.

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