How often do you take for granted the valuable knowledge that you have?

I'm constantly amazed at how the simple things that I know and share with my clients, can be a massive revelation for them.

For instance, Denise has a public relations business. She's well-known in her industry and receives regular phone calls from other consultants wanting to know how she became so successful.

Up until now she had been spending a lot of time, sharing her knowledge (for free) and receiving nothing in return.

Denise's success is related to many factors. She constantly invests in herself, gets coached, attends seminars, reads books etc. to learn how to run her business successfully.

Denise has invested thousands of dollars learning and applying this knowledge and here she was giving it away for free.

I suggested to Denise that she compile all this information into a product just for her industry. She could model what I had done with The Productivity and Profit Homestudy System .

Denise could sell this program for whatever price she chose to. She knew her target market and what they would pay for this valuable information. Armed with this knowledge, her market would fast-track their own success by following in Denise's footsteps.

What's the point of trying to learn it all yourself from scratch? If someone else has already walked the same path that you want to go? Unfortunately that's what many entrepreneurs do so they don't have to 'spend' money.
In the meantime they struggle to survive and eventually their motivation withers away and many become an employee again.

The Final Word
Don't give your valuable knowledge away for free. If you see a doctor, accountant or lawyer do they charge you for their knowledge? You bet they do. So why aren't you?

Do not underestimate your value and have a long hard look at how you can turn your knowledge into more profit for you.

Author's Bio: 

Lorraine Pirihi is the founder of and creator of “The Productivity and Profit System” the complete one-on-one training program for solopreneurs and small businesses.

Lorraine is also the celebrated author of “The Productivity and Profit Home Study System” the proven 6 step system guaranteed to help you free up your time, organise your systems and master your marketing so you are much more profitable and have time to enjoy life. This is available at

She's a productivity expert, leading business coach, author and speaker with straight-shooter, no-fluff strategies that really work.

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