In life, it’s always important to be equipped with free mentalism tricks that could help you overcome obstacles, succeed in certain endeavors, or even get you out of sticky situations. These mind reading techniques are not based on any supernatural mental abilities, but they are backed by science.

Right now, I’m going to offer you free mentalism tricks to guide you through your everyday life. These are not hard to do; in fact, they require only presence of mind and belief in yourself to succeed.

Free Mentalism Trick # 1 Stalling Strategies

People who have something to hide often try to stall for as long as they can. Either they cut you off and talk about another topic entirely, or they do their best to avoid you.

When something like this happens, your mind is more likely to dig out the truth. You might not have been gifted with ESP; but knowing how to spot certain odd behavior is a mentalism trick you can apply anytime, anywhere.

Free Mentalism Trick # 2: I Know What You Did

This mentalism trick is often used by detectives who don’t really have much of a lead on their cases. This is applicable when you know something is up, but don’t really have any information or evidence to back your assumptions.

The best thing to do in this case is fake the information. Let the other person know that you know about the whole thing, what they have done, or what is going to happen.

You have to be a little vague with your phrases, and let your tone of voice and facial expression work this mind reeading trick. In most situations, the person cracks under pressure and lets the cat out of the bag.

Free Mentalism Trick # 3 Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Repeating words, ideas and concepts over and over again can be very powerful.

If you keep talk to a person about the goodness of donating to charity for a certain period of time, they are more likely to donate to charity when the time comes for them to make that decision.

You don’t have to repeat the exact same words. You could reword your statement or come up with a different way of communicating the same concept. For example, another way of implying to give to charity is to tell them that one of the secrets of the world’s richest people is their willingness to share their blessings.

By focusing your energy to get them used to the idea of being generous, you are already setting them up for the future you have envisioned.

Free mentalism tricks aren’t always about reading a person’s mind or predicting a person’s actions on the spot. Sometimes, the tricks might take you some time before a person makes a decision. It’s all up to you which way you choose to take. The most important thing is believing in your own mind and letting it do what it does best.

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