On page 284 of The NEW Think and Grow Rich is a section called "How to Work the HoloCosm." It talks about Dr. Elmer Gates, the famous inventor, and how he got his ideas.

It talks about how:

"…the scientific inventor, or 'genius,' begins an invention by organizing it and combining the known ideas, or principles accumulated through experience, through the synthesizing faculty (the reasoning faculty).

"If this inventor finds this accumulated knowledge to be insufficient for the completion of his invention, he or she then draws upon the sources of knowledge available through the creative faculty.

"The method varies with the individual, but this is the sum and substance of the procedure as Dr. Gates describes it…

"He stimulates his mind so that it vibrates on a higher-than-average plane, using one or more of the ten mind stimulants or some other stimulant of his choice.

"He shuts out the ordinary world, gets still, focuses his attention with a few deep breaths, and glides into the alpha state. There, he forms a vivid vakogem of what he wants… Of what the invention will look like and do when it's finished. That act done this way impresses the HoloCosm…

"Then he considers the starting point, where he is now, what he has to work with, what he knows...

"At that point, there has sprung a tension between the end and the beginning… Dr. Gates then clears his mind, and stays content, waiting for the lightning to crack. He is not attempting to persuade the Cosmic to "do it my way"… The Cosmic is far more knowledgeable, and is also desirous of progress. He stays in that position and waits for the contact.

Meditation—pure and simple. Mediation to stimulate Infinite Intelligence. Meditation in which you receive from the HoloCosm, in the form of an idea, angle, answer, action, plan, or synchronicity.

Then it's up to you not to second-guess the HoloCosm, and to go earnestly to work accomplishing the same."

I quoted so much of the passage because it is all coordinated. We've almost run out of space to talk about it! But do note that we're talking about triggering the Law of Attraction, triggering Creative Intelligence.

And we're talking about what kind of mind stimulant? Meditation.

We're talking about doing it scientifically—forming images of the end, of the beginning, in a stilled space. Waiting for an answer to light up the sky, and then getting up and going to work doing it.

Like I wish for you.

Go to work on the brilliant ideas you receive!

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