How to feel like a billionaire – without a dime in your pocket!


To illustrate a point, here's an article reported in the French newspaper Le Matin: «A man was locked in by error in a cold storage room. Believing himself to be a prisoner of the cold, this man instantly felt its deadly effects – he froze up and became paralyzed. During his agony, he managed to find enough strength to write his impressions on the wall with a piece of chalk. When his body was discovered the next morning, it showed all the signs of a man frozen to death.

This tragic accident turned out to be extraordinary when it was discovered that the electric generator of the storage room was out of order, and that therefore the man shouldn't have died from cold. Yet, he killed himself... by the sheer force of his conviction» Or illusion!

Here's another scenario: John got fired on Monday. But last Friday (3 days ago), the president of a rival company had signed with a recruiter to hire John with a 50% increase in salary! Unfortunately, the recruiter fell ill over the weekend, and John will not be given the good news till a week later. Imagine how John is feeling today, tomorrow, and the day after. He already feels bad, his productivity drops, and he wears this expression all day long :-(

John, like the man who froze himself to death, is suffering from an illusion, an illusion that has nothing to do with actual reality. That is, he has a job offer in the works far superior to what he is presently earning. He should be wearing this expression :~). But John has fallen victim to his own illusion, just like the man who killed himself in the storage room.

Now, if you can master illusion by switching from passive to active illusion, you will not only be able to create your own reality and feel like a billionaire, but also fully maximize your potential. Potential is not what you have done in the past, but what you are able to do in the future.

Passive illusions are all the past experiences recorded in our subconscious. If we think we can't do anything or believe we can, we are dwelling within our passive illusions, as we are reacting subjectively to past experiences. Hence, we could have positive or negative passive illusions – depending on our experiences. If you are presently satisfied with yourself and manage to obtain what you want in life, you can still create active illusions.

Whenever we are in the process of doing something, like changing our behavior, going to a rendezvous, starting a project, or simply trying something new – we are dwelling within our active illusions. Once we have acquired these experiences – positive or negative – they form our body of passive illusions. You can therefore create whatever active illusion you desire – and test it. In other words, you are the producer, director, and actor of your own life. Whichever active illusion you create and put into action, will be your reality, because you'll be mentally and physically living it.

Why not trigger this active illusion for yourself: You own this world! You possess six billion pairs of hands, not just one pair! Think about this: When you're enjoying a beautiful scenery from your train ride what but a pair of your hands is driving the train? What about your other hands who laid the rails so that the train could roll on it? And those other hands that worked to provide the scenery?

What about that favorite jar of strawberry jam on your breakfast table? It didn't just happen to be there. Your other hands made it possible for you to enjoy. What about that great movie you saw last week? What about the exquisite pleasure of dining in a cozy restaurant? What about the clothes you wear? The car you're driving? Your other hands made it all possible for you to feel good each day.

Recognizing this makes you feel like a billionaire, because you own and created this world with your six billion pairs of hands! You're not the grain of sand you think you are, but the magnificent beach! You're not the tiny raindrop – but the mighty ocean! And without a dime in your pocket, you're not the poor man or woman you think you are – but the proud owner of this beautiful world. So, take care of it – if you want to feel good today, tomorrow, and forever!


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