I just finished reading an article in Newsweek about Oprah Winfrey. The article is about how she seems to bring on all sorts of people who claim this thing and that, and how people seem to believe what these so called experts are touting. I have never watched Oprah, to my knowledge, but I know the sorts of people that the article speaks about.

I have to say that I both agree and disagree with the article. I agree that the types of people and their ideas should be taken with caution and a grain of salt. I disagree that everyone who is on one show or another or who purports an idea that is out of the mainstream is a charlatan.

As a person of faith and a spiritual teacher I have to say that I have seen people healed and miraculous things happen. I believe that faith, an unwavering belief, that something will happen increases the odds of that being true. I also have to say that I have seen people of deep conviction die or have their worlds torn apart. I believe that the Law of Attraction works, but I believe that there is a higher law and that is the law of the Infinite.

I believe that there is an entity that is God. You may call this entity anything you like. I don't think our name for this higher being has much to do with its existence. I usually call this entity the Infinite Source. The term God has too much baggage for me. Anyway, the Infinite Source exists. What some call the universal energy, or just the universe, is the power of this Source. It is there for us to use. We can bring healing where Doctors cannot or are unavailable. We can do things that are truly miraculous. That does not mean that things always work out the way we want! The Source has a higher plan. There are times when our limited knowledge does not see the whole picture. There are times when we think we know and we do not. We must live our lives in the knowledge that we are unique creatures in God's creation, but we don't have control over everything.

Should we go to the Doctor if we are sick? Absolutely! I treat people with Reiki, but I would never tell someone to not go to their Doctor! Reiki can and has healed people seemingly in miraculous ways, but first and foremost it is a complimentary treatment to what the Doctors are doing. I pray for people to be healed and some of them have healing happen pretty much on the spot. Should they not check it out with a Doctor. Of course!

What about getting the things in life that we want? Should we think positively and believe that we are attracting those things into our lives. Yes! Right after you do that, go out and start working toward it. Plan what you will do and then go do it! Believe that you will manifest a new car by just believing and you will have a long wait. Believe that it will manifest and then start working toward its purchase and you will wait a much shorter time!

We, as human beings always want things to be easy. The current fad of believing that things will just appear because we want them to is part of that. In ages past, we believed that God sat on a throne and did whatever it is that gods do; we had nothing to do with it and no responsibility. That was the same easy way out thinking. The truth of the matter is that we have responsibility.

We are the physical representation of the Infinite Source in this world. We use the power of God, the power of the universe in ways that are miraculous. We work with our hands to get things done and work for the betterment of all people. We use universal power, mind power, physical power, all of them together to make this world the paradise it is intended to be. To think that only one of these ways works and the rest are unneeded is foolish!

Believe in God. Believe in the law of attraction, the law of faith, the law of flow. Believe that we are a part of this Infinite Source and that we have power that is greater than us. Also believe that we must work to make things better. Combine the unbelievable with the practical and we come close to being who are are to be.

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I am an ordained minister, Reiki practitioner, Yoga and meditation teacher, and writer.