Have you had a fight lately? Is your ‘things to do list’ and ‘not having enough time’ beating you up? The more you look at your list, the less time you have; the more out of control you feel. In addition to the list, someone hands you ‘one more thing’ to do.

You ask yourself, why me, as the feeling of overwhelm infuse your body. You start to feel a sense of rising panic, or guilt, or a knot in your stomach or a heavy weight on your shoulders. You are clearly in a state of overwhelm which affects you both physically and emotionally.

You really want to get started on ‘something’ but feel unmotivated and too stuck to begin. Then suddenly, you remember a time when you had a similar situation and you successfully completed the tasks. As you acknowledge these feelings, you look at your list and begin to prioritize. While doing this simple act, you notice a feeling of calmness settling over your body.

By the time you are done with your list, you feel more in control, less overwhelmed and things seem more manageable.

Are you open to experiencing the joy of calmness and being in control in your life? Do you really want to create your best life? To help get out of overwhelm, email your unique challenges to Inez@InezBracy.com or call 386.626.6652 for a free strategy session. Don’t wait! Start getting out of overwhelm today!

Inez Bracy
Motivational Speaker
Personal Development Coach
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Inez’s passion is helping others live their best life. She is an NLP practitioner, masterful coach, engaging keynote speaker, trainer and seminar presenter. Her radio show, Living Smart and Well shares tips on creating your best life and is heard around the world Monday, 12 Noon on www.wpul1590.com.
Combining twenty years of experience of working with others, Inez uses a unique and grounded approach in strategic planning, motivation, negotiation and leadership development.
Inez’ book, Rejuvenate Your Life in 21 Days, is a powerful guidebook for creating, revitalizing and living your best life and can be purchased at www.justbeingyourbest.com.