If you are struggling to pay the power bill and finding your home is suffering from high power use then you might want to consider using solar energy as a source of power to run your home appliances and equipment. Purchasing solar panels can be very expensive and sometimes beyond the range for normal average joe budget, large solar panels can cost between $3000- $10000 dollars but you'll be relieved to know that you learn how to make solar power panels yourself.

So what do you need if you want to make solar panels?

A good instructional guide
Solar cells
Good strong glass

Like I said before solar panels once you understand how they are constructed its not that hard to put together and you don't have to be a engineer or scientist to construct one yourself. Firstly I mentioned that you need a guide that shows you how to create your own solar panels and there are some really good ones out there that you can download of the net for a next to nothing. These guides are easy to follow and come with detailed instructions that show you step by step how to make solar panels easily.

These guides not only teach you how to make solar panels it also shows you how to install them on your roof and where to get the necessary materials to build a DIY solar panels.

By following the pictures are instructions you first take a certain size sheet of plywood (determined by you relating to what size solar panel you want) which will be used as a backboard to lay solar cells which are normally placed to rows across the board.

The cells are then connected to each other with wires that a thread through holes under each cell in the back of the plywood and then reinforced again by another piece of plywood to secure the wires together, a small wood frame is then placed outside the plywood board but is higher than the cells to allow a glass to be put over the top to seal the cells to the backboard.

You an make professional looking solar panels for under $100 and make them produce 100 watts easy , solar panels that make 100 watts from the shops can cost $500 or more so imagine the money you'll be saving.

If your wondering where to find these types of guide on the internet please visit - How to make solar panels or visit my official website http://how-to-make-solar-panels.blogspot.com/

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