Oh, how the ego rebels against the thought of humility. "If I'm humble, I'll be a nothing. I'll vanish! I must be distinguished, different, better than! Only by standing out will I have an identity," it screams. We in recovery have felt the stinging reprisals from our fellows when we listened to our ego and let it have its way. Today, we have found a better way.

Humility, like so many other concepts in recovery that at first seem like weaknesses, turns out to be one of our greatest strengths. By thinking about ourselves less, a truer identity emerges, a more peaceful and fulfilled sense of self that comes from being of service to and from connecting with others.

While my ego may never give up the fight, I'm thankful I have this quote to remind me of the truth: I am always happier when I'm thinking about myself less - when I'm practicing true humility.

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Michael Z is author of a book of 12 Step Quotes and Sayings called, “The Wisdom of the rooms, A Year of Weekly Reflections”. He works as an Empowerment Life Skills Coach and is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern working in Los Angeles.
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