No one said this was going to be easy, but if you follow the twenty-four keys to finding a husband I am going to tell you about, you can be successful.

Look at this as a tiger hunt. You wouldn’t go hunting a tiger without the right equipment, would you?

Think of the man you are hunting for as your tiger, and be sure you are properly equipped to hunt him down.

Men and tigers by nature don’ really like to be held prisoner to your or any one else’s desires, but you have to make him believe that this is something he really wants to do, needs to do, and that he cannot live without you.

Believe me I am a husband, and I have first hand knowledge of how an animal feels to be tracked and captured and made to believe that he really likes it. That’s what makes me an expert on husband hunting. I’ve lived through the experience.

I know you are frustrated. There is no question that it is a jungle out there. The truth is that the are too few men for too many women. It is going to be our job, working together, to equalize the odds, and even change the odds in your favor.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do. You can always come to me for advice. That’s my job. I am here to answer your questions. M y wife tells me I ask too many questions myself, but how can I know what is bothering you if I don’t ask you. Believe me, some of your questions bother me even more than the answers I have, but that’s my job.

I told you at the beginning of this article that there are twenty-four keys to successfully hunting down your man. I am not going to reveal them all to you right now, but I will give your three.

How you dress, how you act, and how much you really care about yourself and the man you are trying to get as a husband are three keys to success.

That’s right young lady. You have to care about yourself before you can expect the right man to care enough about you to want to marry you, so start caring.

Oh, in case I forgot to mention it. This is going to be the tough love version of husband hunting, so don’t expect me to show you any mercy. My job is to help you find your husband. I leave it to Mr. Marvelous to make you feel good assuming you take my advice and end up finding him.

P.S. If you want a career instead of a husband, or if you are hell bent on being a single mom, this is not the place for you, but if deep down in your heart you really want to end up happily married with Mr. Dreamboat – Welcome.

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