by Dr. Jay C. Polmar, contact: drjay@prodigy.net.mx
Dec. 5, 2005 - Mexico City
In a world gone crazy over the use of drugs, legal (pharmaceutical) and illegal (street drugs), a large problem faces governments attempting to control the flow of illegal drugs from the plantations of the world's third world countries and eliminate the criminal element.
Legal drugs, pharmaceuticals, pose sufficient problems for governmental control. Drug approval by government research agencies, and distribution for those in need of medications who have disease in need of treatment is a big job.
Illegal drugs, pose a far greater threat to the safety of all countries around the world due to the criminal involvement in their growth, manufacture, distribution, and the lower morality of those involved ... the morality of not caring one iota for the value of human life.
An easy resolution exists. And it utilizes a methodology, a proposal, for medical use of these so-called illegal drugs.
Perhaps the original intent of the drugs was wrong, but the stated purpose of their use is none-the-less true. These drugs kill the pain that people feel in life. They alter the consciousness so that people do not have to live a life of physical, emotions, mental, spiritual, sexual ... and other pains that exist in many people's life.
Am I saying that they are good for the body? NOT ONE BIT! Am I saying that they should be decriminalized? NOT AT ALL! But there is a need for them. And how to resolve the problem of the criminal content of the transactions in the drug world is a mind boggling problem.
Hypothesizing about the original major influx of drugs into the US from South America involves theories of transportation by the US Military during the Vietnam War. We have all heard those theories and perhaps the funding of certain military actions took place from drug money under prior and perhaps current political administrations in the United States. Perhaps we'll never know the truth but - we do know that drugs have come in on military aircraft and have been distributed. No blame there!
In reality, the military was killing their own pain in Vietnam with drug use. A psychological pain caused by being involved in a war effort and losing badly and seeing friends die and families on both sides of the war, suffer.
The distribution networks were certainly cleaner without the criminal element of the druglords and the underworld killing people daily for their involvement for or against drugs. The military did a good job of transporting and hiding the fact that drugs were transported. And I am not recommending that the US military control the influx of drugs or even be a part of its distribution. I am just reviewing files and obvious history and looking for an easy solution.
The easiest one, is perhaps the best and safest one that I can think of. Recent viewing of public bathrooms in Las Vegas, Nevada made clear the evidence that the local government believes drug problems are not going away. In the bathrooms is a safe disposal for syringes. A good idea if the world continues in the direction of addiction.
What other good ideas can we come up with?
Certainly the medical field, in every country around the world, knows the drug field, legal and illegal, inside and out. They are aware of the effects, benefits, side effects, and negative implications of the use of medications and illegal drugs. Why are we leaving the doctors out of the loop? Are they trustworthy with our health? Does the medical field have our best interest at heart?
I believe that the medical field is an honorable profession. I believe that they do have the knowledge of pharmaceuticals, otherwise they couldn't practice medicine and have the results of health benefits to billions of people.
Certainly there is a small percentage whose health does not improve and for various reasons including psychological problems or improper prescribed or utilized medications. But, for the majority of people, health problems can be resolved by the medical field, allopathic or alternative.
But, the alternative medical field does not have the knowledge and experience to deal with pharmaceuticals so they should not be involved with drugs, excepting the herbal remedies that they are trained in.
What I am getting at is that we have a structure for drug control already in effect! It is the allopathic medical field. Surely there are charlatans in every business and industry around the world, but the medical field is bound by an oath that is quite spiritual in nature ---- not to cause harm. The majority of doctors follow that oath.
Not one drug lord has any oath not to cause harm to others. Think about that! Nor does any politician, not even the president of any country, nor any monarchy.
So, we have a structure for medical/pharmaceutical/drug control and distribution ... how do we make it work.
Well, in my opinion, the pharmaceutical companies around the world have been producing clean, sterile medications, for years. They also produce high grade generic medicines at low cost. They can grow, manufacture, and distribute the drugs through a network of well-protected pharmacies.
But how to eliminate the druglords and their armies. A not so simple military action can eliminate it all and change the balance of the world violence, reducing crime and drug use.
Now, distribution networks must be controlled further with a new expanded field of medicine within the branch of pharmacology that I call, psycho-neuropharmacology. The control of the psychological balance of the human being by distributing neuro-pharmacological products that were once filthy illegal drugs, in a safe, sterile, stable format.
Medical schools can provide the education for the specialists required. A psychiatrist trained in psycho-neuropharmacology can prescribe low dosage, safe, drugs that can be used for weekend entertainment and each person using the drug could be on a computer network showing their usage, so no abuse could take place.
This would reduce drug addiction and the illegal trade. The government would be only responsible for the destruction of the illegal drug networks, and the cost of the drugs would be reduced leaving no profit for druglords, but providing tax benefits for all countries to pay for other human needs and reduce costs of criminal prosecution, execution, etc. caused by the illicit drug trade.
And this is essentially what the government, doctors, and the public wants - an easy resolution. No more drug wars, no more overdose deaths, no more uncontrolled addictions, but a way to provide for the care and maintenance of those with drug problems, and a reduction of drug use.
And the entertainment factor being controlled by the medical field who knows the uses and abuses of the substances involved. To further the benefit - the entire industry will be taxable and reduce international debt and provide new fields of employment for those who respect education and well-being of others - the expanded field of pharmacology.
Perhaps then ... we will find peace in the world, stop wasting our money on useless drug wars where no one wins, and everyone loses - and there will be real benefits from the solution of our world's greater problems.
The financial benefits of such a program could be used to end hunger, homelessness, and the momumental problems that illegal drugs once caused. Now, a easier method for world leaders to eliminate their greater problems on the streets, make cities safer without drug crime, and make the planet a better place to live.
Just my idea to solve a problem where solutions, especially easy ones are needed.

Dr. Jay Polmar

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jay Polmar is a author and for teacher at colleges and universities through the Southwest and Western US. He has unique solutions to problems. A problem, he says, is always an opportunity to something even better.