Meditation channeled on the 7th January, `2008 by the group Lazarus.

This is a guided meditation for the beginning of a circle, or just
for a reprieve to ground
yourself after a stressful day.

Sit comfortably, feet on the floor and hands resting gently on your
lap. Take three deep and
cleansing breathes and centre yourself.

Now with eyes closed, let your subconscious bring into your vision a
gate! Let it come as it will and take gentle
note of it, what it is made of, the height, width and structure.

Approach the gate and although you may see a lock on it, know that
it will open for you.
This is your own boundary, one you have put there; no-one else can
get in except you.
Now the gate will open and you will walk in to YOUR garden.
Take a moment and turn around to look at the rest of your boundary,
see what the gate is attached to, or not as the case may be.
Just take gentle note, then turn around and face your garden.

Here there is perfect peace, here you can see all there is to see.
Look around and take note.
No-one else can come here and the only living beings will be
animals, so if you see them take a note,
and then explore where you are.

Please do not have any perceptions of what you will see, allow the
higher guide (your sub-conscious)
to show you what is you, a meadow, a lakeside, a beach or a mountain
side, it depends on you.

Take a few minutes to look and relax, and when you are ready, sit
down and breathe in the air.
Just relax with yourself knowing that you cannot be disturbed, and
when you are ready to come back look at your feet.

When you look at your feet, you will see a beam of white light
touching them.
On looking up at the beam you will see that it stretches in the far
horizon and is without end.
Watch as the beam gentle moves over you and completely encompasses
you within its light.
As the light enfolds you, you are surrounded by protection, by love
and by the divine healing that is your right.

The light will transport you back to your chair, safely and with
gentleness, and when you are ready,
you will open your eyes and be back again.


The garden represents you, the inner you. On reflection of what you
have been shown, a great deal of where
and why things are as they are should/could be made easier to
Please remember that you and only you are the only one allowed in
the garden.
If another being is there, even a guide, then there is a problem
with your control.
You are allowing others to control you and even when it is with
love, it is truly in my opinion,
not the best state of affairs.


Walk in light


Author's Bio: 

Rosie is a Spiritual Medium and Writer for The Spiritual based online community