Hi to all Hypnotherapists.

I wonder how many of you are struggling to make a good living from your profession, I wonder how many of you know that of 100 therapists who pass the exam only 2 will make it big according to the stats? I wonder if any of you out there have a proven way to advertise your self that you have found works very well? I wonder if you can share with the rest of us, that are still working hard at it what you have found works the best. I myself have used Yellow pages, Thomson Local, news papers, fliers, card, my rear window sign written, BUT I AM STILL MOVING TOO SLOWLY TO MY GOAL.
If any of you mind menders can help please let us know. I know I am good at what I do, and I will paste a testimonial in here with permission of course, I simply struggle to get regular clients. I hope you find the testimonial interesting.

With thanks.


Shaun Thompson.
Hi my name is Karen, I am 35, I have a lovely husband whose life I have made hell, and three lovely children whose life I have missed out on for the last eight months. My father died two years ago and since then I have been prone to very bad depression, panic attacks and over the last eight months I developed severe agoraphobia. I stopped work, couldn’t pick my kids up from school, couldn’t even set foot outside the front door without having to run back and be physically sick, I couldn’t be near anyone but my close family. My doctor prescribed medication but even that was no use., I couldn’t even go to the shop at the bottom of my road, could only watch my children in the street through the window and the thought of a crowd of people terrified me. I was trapped in my own home and nobody could help me. Then someone mentioned hypnotherapy, and I thought well why not, got the Thompson Local on my PC and scrolled through the list of names, and picked out one, no particular reason, just felt right, the name was Shaun Thompson.

I rang but he was working and he rang me back several times over the next few weeks but I had then decided it would never work so what is the point? Until one day when my in-laws could not pick up my children from school, I was a wreck, I HAD to go out, I was physically sick, I couldn’t breathe and my heart was pounding and as I waited in the school playground in a crowd of people, shaking from head to toe, thinking everyone was looking at me and my daughter who is 11 had to comfort me and tell me it was ok, I knew something had to be done. So I picked up the phone again, rang Shaun and we arranged a meeting at my home for the following Tuesday. I nearly cancelled so many times but finally Tuesday came and I was terrified.

Had no idea what to expect or what to feel. Shaun mostly just talked to me, asked me a lot of questions about how I felt. Then he asked me to stand near my front door, I stood there and broke down, he asked me to move forward and I couldn’t move, kept saying no, no. So he sat me down again, he asked me to describe what happened leading up to my fathers death I broke down while telling him, I had NEVER been able to talk about my Dad without crying, nobody even mentioned him to me anymore. Shortly afterwards he asked me again. And again I broke down while telling him. Then he introduced me to EFT, we went through the tapping routine just once and I felt an enormous calm come over my body, like everything was just ok. And Shaun asked me again to describe my fathers death to him, I told him without a single tear, no fear, no upset, no panic and as I was telling him I was thinking to myself, I am not crying, I am ok, what’s happening? I think we did the tapping routine again, and he asked me to stand by my front door again, he opened the door and I followed him through it, I wasn’t even aware I was going out, we stood in my front garden and I could feel the breeze on my face, hear the sounds of the trees rustling and I have never felt so peaceful, he asked me did I want to go back in or go for a walk, and at that point when I said lets go for a walk, I knew it was the start of the rest of my life. We walked to the end of the road, watched a blackbird in the bushes, and I felt amazing, had a huge smile on my face. This man had just resurrected my life!!

I had no panic attacks, no fears, no problems with my breathing, just pure calm and I was looking at the things around me with new eyes, the trees, the sky, the birds.
When Shaun had left, I immediately began to think, well what if its just for now, what if I panic again next time. It has now been twelve weeks since I saw Shaun, and I have been shopping every week, picked my children up from school every night, been in my garden and out walking on the nice days, have taken my children to Southport and to the swimming baths, and I am planning to return to work next month. The biggest breakthrough for me was being sat in a drama studio at my daughters new school with hundreds of people and not feeling any panic, or claustrophobia. I was there, and halfway through the meeting I realised I had got there without any conscious feeling of going. I had just gone. In the first few weeks, I still kept up the tapping on the couple of occasions I felt like I was going to panic, but I think that was purely just a safeguard for me, I haven’t had a panic attack since!

I cant explain to anyone who hasn’t had agoraphobia just how scary it is and how it just takes over your life and you cant help yourself and think that nobody will ever be able to help you, that you are stuck forever in your own four walls, that only a miracle can cure you. All I can say to the people that have it, that are feeling this way right now is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You are not trapped, there is a way out. I never thought it possible that I could walk in my own street again, play with my children outside, take them out anywhere. But it is possible, Shaun was my miracle. I will never be able to express my gratitude enough, but thank you Shaun from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me my life back.

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