I didn't think it was silly, even though I was in dire economic circumstances—which in my life, at that time, translated into the fact that I didn't have a job. For my own reasons—which I didn't realize at that point—I couldn't find a job.

I had child support and some other obligations going on, and I was reduced to where I'd even cut off the telephone, and I was living in a 12-foot camper trailer parked on a spot that cost $35 a month.

I didn't have to pay anything for the trailer, because I had done a little bit of swapping and traded off some other stuff that I'd found—I eventually, by the way, ended up with a $500 value in that trailer. Five hundred dollars: that's the home I lived in!

Are you kidding me?

I didn't think it was silly when I started making plans to become a millionaire inside that trailer.

When I started making plans to get into real estate, when I started opening my mind to what they call new thought, science of mind, when I started opening my mind to the philosophy that The NEW Think and Grow Rich offers you today…

Well, there I was, as nobody as nobody could be, with the grandest dreams that I believed in.

And you know what? I didn't think it was silly.

Fast-forward a few years later, when what we call today a sales letter—I just thought it was a special report at that time—showed up in my mailbox. And it took me, grabbed my heart right out of my chest, started massaging it like some kind of stimulating massage, with spikes and everything that would just make energy! It was talking my language!

It was a letter that invited me to go to a direct mail seminar, which also included an Internet marketing component, the first that I know of in history—i.e., that's why I was there at the beginning of the Internet component to make money.

I didn't think it was silly when I was preparing to go—though in fact, things were pretty bad at my house, from a financial perspective.

We had so little money, and things were so tight. And I'd had so many failures with programs that I had spent hundreds of dollars on… So when it came right down to it, the fact that this seminar cost $1,100—which I thought was a mountain of money at the time, we're talking about 1994, folks, wasn't that long ago—meant I had to take a part time job.

And I had to hide it from my wife, so I could keep the money—because we obviously needed it in the family budget—and use it to go to that seminar so that I could become a millionaire.

“I can make millions of dollars, and I can help thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people in all languages, in all nationalities and countries, from the time I start until hundreds or hundreds of thousands of years into the future, with the power of information.”

I didn't think it was silly thinking that stuff, when I had to take a part-time job and hide it from my wife because we needed the money in the family budget. Boy, I tell you what, everybody else thought it was silly! Hmm… Don't think we're still there.

The power of belief, the power of a big, passionate dream, is crucial! The power of belief that you can pull it off—because the fact is, these are processes, too. Becoming rich and contributing is a result of processes, the decisions you make, and the actions that you take.

You can do whatever you want; you can access this power if you will only believe. And achieve!

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