I am a divine child of the universe who walks through life with trust compassion faith and love
These are the cornerstones of the world I am building for myself
I am responsible for my words, thoughts and actions
I am not responsible for yours
I am deserving of abundance in all of it's forms in all areas of my life not because of 'Who I am' but simply because 'I am'
I am a divine child of the universe respect and self esteem are my birthrights and I acknowledge they are yours as well
I am growing, learning and discovering new things about my world and myself everyday
I am learning and discovering new things about you everyday
I am stepping into my greatness I was born a divine child of unconditional love, light and kindness
I will live my truth and only I can know what that truth is
I will live my life for me for I know when time runs out
the only person I will be left to face is myself I am all things to all people I am all
therefore I am the greatest gift I will ever be given I am

Robin J

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In order to build something you will need tools, which ones that is for you to discover and explore.
I do know that you might have to try a few things before you find what works for you. What I can do is give you some tools to explore.

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