I can read your emotions, just like a book

Strange title right?

Well it's not a title; it’s what you would proudly say after learning how to read body language. Do you know that each emotional state that we experience has an associated gesture that accompanies it?
Whether this state was confidence, anxiety, fear, boredom, interest or even lying, it will be reflected into your body language and then read by anyone who understands body language in depth.

Body language is not just eye contact and posture as many people claim. Actually, body language involves any gesture that you make. This gesture could be anything from moving your hand or leg, to touching your nose or face. All the gestures that you make have a meaning in body language, and scientists have already identified a large number of emotions that can be detected just by watching a person’s body language.

“But why learn body language?” You may ask.

  • Body language can improve your relationships because it will take your communication skills to a new level.
  • You will be able to tell whether someone really likes you or just pretends to.
  • You will leave a positive impression in meetings and job interviews.
  • You will be able to show the emotional state that you want. For example you may be terrified while doing a presentation, but still give the impression that you are confident by adjusting your body language.
  • Contrary to common belief, body language is one hundred percent accurate - given that you understand its common pitfalls. Body language is approved world wide and is practiced by politicians, sales people, secret agents and even presidents.

    Feeling uncomfortable

    Have you ever looked carefully at someone standing alone in the street? Did you notice his posture?

    Most probably they will be crossing his arms and his legs, which is called “the defensive position” in body language.

    The person usually takes this position in any of the following cases:

    • He is feeling uncomfortable due to being present between lots of strangers.
    • He is shy by nature; in that case this will be his favourite posture.
    • When he is offended (something happens that he doesn't approve).
    • The defensive position can make you fail in a job interview before you even start talking! This may happen due to the awful impression that is left to the interviewer when he notices the defensive position.
      Try to avoid taking this position as much as you can. After all, even if you feel shy or uncomfortable, your emotions are private and no should be allowed to know them without your consent.

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