“I’ll be happy when..”, An all too familiar phrase that rolled off my tongue over and over again, as I looked at the myriad of things that I wanted and didn’t have in my life.

I was convinced that there was this destination called happiness that I would arrive at once I found my soul mate, once my children behaved the way I wanted them to, once I was debt-free and once I had landed a job I liked! I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it existed, the happily ever after ending.

I struggled, in and out of the depressed state of unhappiness for many years and then, I finally got it! I would have all the things I wanted, when I became happy!

I wasn’t the easiest nut to crack, but I persevered, working on shifting to this new paradigm, and was eventually rewarded, seeing how this new perspective was working in my life.

I now bless, where I used to curse or be jealous of, those who have a piece of the pie that I want, knowing that there is more than enough pie to go around.

I now appreciate the contrast of the people and experiences that show up in my life, as they mirror what I do not want, creating a deeper passion within me of what I actually do desire.

I am now grateful for all that I do have, where I would formerly complain, only focusing on the lack thereof.

I have arrived, in sense, to the destination I was in search of; however, I didn’t have to go anywhere. Happiness for me now, is a feeling that I found in me and actually bring to my life. Sometimes I catch myself shaking my head at the silliness of having had it all backwards for the first half, okay maybe third, of my life.

It certainly would have been wonderful to “get it” sooner or before I had my children, but at least they have a good 25 year head start on me, putting them miles ahead on the road to happiness, the biggest gift I will have ever given them!

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A reaction, a look or a phrase, and we catch ourselves, “I’ve turned into my mom/dad!” Jo-Anne Cutler is no exception. Once she became aware of the unconscious messages that accompanied her words and reactions, she made a conscious choice to change. Jo-Anne knew that if she could do it, anyone could. In addition to being a writer, she supports her vision of empowering and inspiring others to be the parents, teachers and role models the children of this world need them to be, by creating awareness as a speaker and coach, offering programs as well as a monthly newsletter on how to keep all the great stuff we’ve learned from our parents while breaking the cycle of the, well, not so good stuff! For more information or to contact Jo-Anne directly, please visit http://www.jcconnections.ca