I have heard that song by Marvin Sapp on several occasions; yet I never really paid much attention to the popular song. However, due to the continuous air play of the song, I could not escape from hearing it, be it at church, on the gospel station that I faithfully tune into, or from that of my little nieces singing it with such ebullience, that I am compelled to join in with them.

It was as if God intended for me to not only hear the words but to actually listen to them. One day while driving in my car the sun was shining brilliantly. The birds were chirping happily. The soft billowy clouds were begging to be touched.

Stopping at a red light that fateful song "I Never Would Have Made It" began to play. I was captured by the soft melodic voice of Marvin Sapp. But it was the words that spoke to my heart. This time I listened with an open heart.

A feeling of wonderment and joy began to course through me! This man was singing my testimony. Leaning forward I began to remember. I remembered several years of being in the hospital due to sickness and how I would pray to God for strength just to endure the pain. There is no doubt in my mind that I never would have made it. I too remembered suffering from depression, reflecting on how hard it was to just wake up in the morning to get dressed. Mundane tasks were daunting for me. I never would have made it with out God.

There is a verse in the song that says "Made it.
Is there anybody in this house other than me that can declare that you made it? Tell your neighbor."

There was a point in my life, I could not tell my neighbor or family for that matter that I made it, as the situation dictated to me other wise. But I did make it. With persistent prayer and a high dosage of faith that I too could be healed, I too can declare as the song does...that I made it.

I made it through the hurtles of sickness, survived the darts of depression, and defied the labels of rejections. I made it and you can too! The bible proclaims: "I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me." Philippians 4:13.

The "lyrics goes on to say. I am stronger I am stronger; I am wiser, I am better, Much better." This song is my testimony.

Author's Bio: 

Once upon a time, Vanessa considered herself a closet writer, as she was painfully shy of sharing her written works with the public. An unforeseen bout of illness in 1999 would cause a change in Vanessa's life. "One day I woke up" would become her mantra for years. Vanessa wants her readers, to be aspired toward greatness, in spite of what circumstances, may dictate to them. "With God all things are made possible to them who believe" With faith we can leap over boundaries. We can break barriers and defeat the labels of rejection.

Vanessa realized that she had not just a story to tell but many stories. Relying on God; she wrote her first inspirational novel The Certain Ones. A spiritual impacting novel that inspires her readers to know that not everyone are called into greatness. Fact: Many can not handle the process that goes along with becoming great. Only the certain ones that endure can obtain greatness.