Yumi's blog this week (When We Help Ourselves, We Help the Helpless) brought me back to 16 years ago when my best friend decided to hang herself from a swing set in her back yard. I was too young like Yumi to know how to deal with any of it, and truth be told was trying to figure out where I fit in this big world of opposites. The great pain I lived in for a long time from losing Dawn to suicide made me realize that each person's path is individual, and we can only control our life to a large degree. Now that I am older, I know that she did not have the tools to deal with her pain body. I also know that everything is in divine order, the way it is suppose to be.

I believe there are two sides to every topic. You can focus on the feeling of having great health or not feeling great, having enough money or the lack of wealth, having love or not enough love. You can apply this to any subject. The manifestation of life seems to come down to where we place our attention for the most part.

If I could have a do over with my best friend I would show her that there is a thing called the pain body. That it grows out of our egoic mind. That we can forget the past let go of the pain and learn to live in the present moment. For the present moment is all there really ever is, it’s all we have.

One of my favorite authors Eckhart Tolle showed me a path out of pain. Another one of my favorite authors Deepak Chopra showed me “How to Know God”.

Esther Hicks showed me an emotional guidance scale; I am sharing next. It is extremely helpful in lifting emotional vibrations.





4.Positive Expectation/Belief



















From the book “Ask and It is Given”, pg. 114
Where ever we are on this scale, we can work up to the next emotion, slowing working our way up the scale on any given topic.

Not to say that these steps or books can at all stop the unstoppable, the karmic power, the divine ending of a body. If they guide one person to a happier place, a lighter space, then I am satisfied.

Rather than attacking and defeating what you don’t want, and pushing against a war, just surrender, take your ego out of it. Work up the emotional scale on each subject that is a challenge for you.

Focus upon the side that you want to manifest. Relax and enjoy the thought of what you want and invite your creations into your experience.

Organically Yours,
Renay Matthews

In response to this week's call for content "How Can We Help the Helpless?"

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