As I write this, I'm with my family in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World. We're having a great time, and I'll tell you what—this Walt Disney is a good example of someone who set out with a vision and a dream, and a standard of excellence. Today we're in the Orlando version; there are thousands and thousands of families here.

In fact, this stuff that you might have heard about a recession—you'd never know it's happening here, I tell you.

What do we have here, with Walt Disney? Do we have a man who didn't have any setbacks in his life? No, he had several. He went bankrupt, and he had to borrow money from his brother. You have a creative man with a vision and a dream, a man with a vision to make the world better.

I'm here to tell you that if you grab hold of this same kind of passion—because, see, that's what does it, passion—you can make the world better, too.

That's the way it looks from here!

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