Have you ever noticed that when someone is “on a diet” that automatically implies that one day they will be off of it? Most likely they are thinking that this diet is temporary. So what do you think the results will be? Temporary. It’s that simple. If you think about a diet as something you go on and then you’ll be thin, then you are in denial about the process of transforming your body size. You’re in denial that you have poor habits of eating and/or exercising that got you to this place. These poor habits don’t just go away. They must be addressed. There is an important distinction to bring in when using a diet. Diets, in and of themselves, do nothing. They are merely ideas. In order for them to “work” you must “work” them.

It would be much more powerful for you to choose to create healthier eating habits. So the next time someone asks you if you are on a diet, you can simply say, “No, I’m just changing my eating habits.” They will get the picture that this is a “for good” state you are creating. Their energy on the permanency of your choices is definitely helpful.

Then it is all about practice. Practice making positive healthy choices. Choose to eat smaller portions. Eat only what you enjoy. Eat slower and chew more times. Choose green and live foods more. Find lower calorie ways to satisfy your hunger. Move your body more. Park further away from the store. Take more or longer walks. Enlist an exercise buddy. Join an exercise class. Hire a trainer. Practice making healthy choices everyday. Reinforce your choices with positive self talk. Give yourself a pat on the back or “way to go” every time you practice your healthy choices and thoughts.

Keep track of your choices. The most frustrating thing I’ve seen is when people tell me, I’m exercising more and eating less and I haven’t reduced my weight. There can be several reasons for this. One may be they think they are eating less and exercising more, but they haven’t tracked it to determine if this is accurate. Another reason might be that they have gained muscle mass and reduced inches. Again they haven’t measured themselves to determine this. I recommend creating a plan and keeping a food and exercise log . Plan to win.

You are a winner. Be good to yourself. As you develop your health habits, your body will transform.

Laura Rubinstein, CHt is the founder of http://www.TransformYourBody.com and author of Transform Your Body in the Mental GymTM, Why Diets Don’t Work and How to Overcome Your Weight Challenges for Life.

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Laura Rubinstein, CHt is the founder of www.TransformYourBody.com and author of "Transform Your Body in the Mental GymTM, Why Diets Don’t Work and How to Overcome Your Weight Challenges for Life."