It’s a common misconception that only people struggling to overcome illness get a medical intuitive reading. Of course, many of my clients do have some physical ailment that they seek to understand better. Some of them even already have an inkling there’s more to it – an emotional or spiritual aspect that has escaped them. But many people seek medical intuitive readings when they are physically fit but simply feel that something is missing in their lives.

Within this group, there exists a category of clients whom I lovingly labelled “Why isn’t it working?” These clients are usually well educated and what you might call spiritually erudite. They meditate and they understand the fundamentals of energy. Moreover, they actively try to engage with themselves and their environments to achieve their goals.

Although these people may be successful in virtually every aspect of their lives, what they really want is precisely what eludes them. Now these aren’t the kinds of people who find themselves subject to whims or flights of fancy. They know what they want and they go and get it. And despite having dedicated themselves to their heart’s desire, no amount of effort (or money) brings them success.

Here’s a case in point. This past week a woman, whom I’ll call Lucy (of course that’s not her real name), came to see me for a medical intuitive reading. All I knew about her was her name and date of birth. With that, I did my usual scan of her energy systems and intuitively perceived nothing that I would associate with illness or physical ailment. However, when I got to her second chakra, the energy centre of the reproduction organs, I saw something very confusing.

Lucy’s energy gave me images of what you might call the quintessential family. There were the two kids, the white picket fence and naturally a dog. But then, I was presented with images of her packing her bags, saying good-bye to the kids and walking away from this scene – with partner in tow.

When I described my impressions to her, she said that she recognised it up to a point. She shared with me that she and her husband had been trying to start a family for several years. Doctor after doctor and test after test found nothing wrong nor produced an explanation for the couple’s inability to conceive. Even fertility treatments weren’t working for them.

Intuitively, it seemed to me that the issue wasn’t her body – or her husband’s body. I felt that there was confusion in her energy about whether she really wanted children. Her desire for children appeared to me symbolically as a ball in a tennis match. “Yes, I want children.” “No, I don’t.” “Yes, I do.” Back and forth the tennis ball would go.

I then tried to dig a little deeper into what she said she wanted. And here’s when it got really interesting! It appeared to me that her desire for children was not located within her. It was as if the source was external to her body, being and spirit. Put slightly differently, it was as if her want was not hers but was someone else’s.

With a bit of effort, Lucy was able to trace her desire for a family to her parents. It wasn’t an exercise of blame – far from it. She simply went back to the source of her feeling that she wanted children. When she did, she didn’t end up with herself, but with her parents. At that point, she became consciously aware that she wasn’t just sitting on the fence about a family, rather she was looking to jump squarely on the side of keeping life just as it is. As I saw clairvoyantly, she was already prepared to say good-bye to those children that she may never have.

Lucy and her husband now have some work to do between themselves as to whether they continue trying for the family or settle on life as a couple. But Lucy feels that she may now understand why she’s been failing to conceive. From what came through in her reading, she has been trying to fulfil someone else’s wish. The desire for children wasn’t really hers. While consciously onboard, her subconscious knew that at least part of her had decided not to get on the bus.

If you are struggling like Lucy or feel that you’re hitting your head against a brick wall, I encourage you to try this exercise. Take the dream that you have or a goal that you’ve been working on and try to identify its source. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and relax. Now picture yourself in your mind’s eye. Then, ask for your goal to appear as a glowing dot. Where is it? Does it light up inside of you? Or is it elsewhere?

If the dot representing your dream isn’t within you, then it may be that it’s not really your dream. Invite your intuition to show you its source. You may be surprised by what comes through. Maybe it will be from your parents, as was the case with Lucy. Maybe it will be something that you’ve picked up from a friend or even society at large. Or maybe it will even be something that was once within you but is now something you’ve outgrown.

Just because a dream was once ours doesn’t mean that it will be our dream forevermore. Too often we carry on far too long down a path that was only right for us at one stage of our development. Ask yourself whether your dreams and goals are still right for you – and more importantly are indeed yours.

As Lucy discovered, a medical intuitive reading can be a surprisingly versatile tool of self-discovery and awareness and isn’t limited to trying to understand physical illness.

Every day I work with clients who have chosen to empower themselves to make the changes that they need to live a healthier and more authentic life. Through my Intuitive Life Coaching I provide one-on-one sessions to guide and inspire my clients to do it for themselves, whereas my Medical Intuitive Readings help identify the spiritual issues underlying illness. If you are ready to accept that challenge and behold the awesome potential of your own powerhouse, then get started today!

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For thirty years Alan Bridges has been giving readings based on his intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. He's a full-time medical intuitive and psychic with an international following, empowering his clients with his medical intuitive readings, energy healing and spiritual guidance and coaching. Learn more about Alan’s work at his web site: