The secret which is the law of attraction really works if you understand a few important factors. It's not enough to just want something or to tell the universe you want something, you have to allow that something to come into your life.

There is a certain level of energy that you need to be connected to in order to allow what you want into your life. If you are wondering why you are applying the secret or watching the movie and nothing is happening. It's usually because you understand the first part but not the second part.

Your Desire

The first part is your desire. Let's say you desire more business. You just started a new business and it's one that you love. The problem is your struggling with the marketing. You may see a sign of some business to come or you may have a little but you want more.

That will give you some additional information on the basics of marketing. Applying the secret starts with your vision. Get to know what your vision is. What do you want from your business? Take your time with this. Writing your vision is important. Start free flow writing what you want to create. Get as detailed as you can.

An example would be. I see myself energetically working with hundreds of clients who are drawn to my seminars. I see their happy faces. I see myself working with them in this beautiful peaceful sanctuary on the top of a green luscious hill over looking the ocean. I see myself talking to them and sharing while they are listening intently etc.

Now take it one step further. Start to feel what it is like to have so many clients that your seminars sell out. You have to hire an assistant and start adding more seminars to your schedule and referring business out. Stop here take a moment and really feel this. Close your eyes and imagine it.

The Crucial Component

This is a crucial component: I really want to emphasis this.

Check to see how it feels to have the excitement and joy of having all that business and success.

Now check to see what feeling is predominate? Pay attention to what you are really feeling. Are you in disbelief? Is it getting more difficult to fully accept that you have this much business? Are you getting nervous? Are you panicked? Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea?

If you answered yes to any one of these thoughts, you are now creating the opposite feeling from what your intention is. You probably don't even realize your doing this.

That is the part of the secret, the law of attraction that needs the most attention. Of course if you don't know what you want you can't create it. The same thing goes for allowing. If you don't know how to allow it in your life it won't get in.

Allowing your desire(s) to manifest

Once you are aware of your resistance to allowing your desire to happen. The next stage is to look at why? At this point, stop what you are doing and ask your self. What is it I don't believe about the desire I just wrote down and imagined?

Let's say you answered that you don't believe that you are ready to handle a full house of one hundred people. That would take too much work and your not sure you could prepare for that number so soon.

Right there you have stopped the desire from manifesting. You are now telling the universe that you are not ready no matter what you're asking for you are telling the universe, through your feelings: don't send it yet. That is probably why the secret isn't working for you.

You may not realize this but that is exactly what is happening. It happens so often and goes undetected that people can get really down and feel that the secret doesn't work for them so they aren't even going to try anymore.

I am here to tell you it will work for you.

It's all in removing the obstacle that is in your way to creating your desire. First you have to know what the obstacle is. Unless you know what is blocking you, you can't remove, correct? Correct!

Removing the Obstacle and Allowing The Secret to Work

Let's say once again your obstacle is you feel your not ready for that large of a crowd. Yet you desire that many people to show up for your seminar for it to be a success and make you the kind of money you desire.

Let us examine this: you want one hundred paying people to go to your seminar. Yet the idea scares you on some level. Break it down to a smaller number that you feel you can handle. Let's say fifty. Or lower whatever number works.

Now start to visualize that you are doing the seminar with the fifty people. See if you feel more comfortable knowing that in four to six months you could easily accommodate fifty people.

Slowly increase that number as time goes on. But first get to the feeling place of allowing it in. Knowing you can do it or can meet your clients needs. If you can't see and feel it first the universe doesn't know you want to bring that in your life. Just saying is not enough. I know the difference from experience, and the difference is night and day. The secret to the secret is getting to an allowing vibration.

You may end up doing your first seminar with fifty people. That is fine. Once you accomplish that you will have that experience under your belt and moving onto a hundred next time will be a piece of cake!!

You may end up the first time doing your seminar for all one hundred people. That is absolutely possible! You just have to allow it to really happen. Believe.

Author's Bio: 

David Schirmer has successfully traded the markets for over 26 years and taught thousands of people to do the same.
He is also Featured on "The Secret" which came about because he regularly teaches about the importance of mindset in creating what you want - including wealth from trading.