To start with you need to write out what your dream life would be like. Write it all down in detail, describing everything you would like to do and accomplish. Ask yourself the question "If I had unlimited time and money what would I do?" You don't have to share what you wrote with anyone but yourself.

After you have written everything down, you need to come up with a plan to accomplish your dreams. Turn your dreams into goal statements. Write out your goals statements in the present tense, they should be measurable and have a timeline to accomplish them. Goals could be daily, weekly, monthly or even things that take years to accomplish. Just having a plan will put you ahead of the crowd. Put your goals list in a place so you can read them everyday to keep you mind focused on them.

After you have written out your goals, you need to break them down into action lists. Breaking your big goals down to action lists and working on them bit by bit you will accomplish them. Consistent action will bring results. You will be surprised how quickly you can accomplish your goals if you do just three items on your action lists everyday.

When you accomplish a major goal take the time to celebrate it, it doesn't have to be an elaborate celabration, just acknowledge your accomplishment and then knowing you can do it, set bigger goals. Your life will be more amazing than you ever dreamed it to be.

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