Impression Management

Do your friends think that you are boring?
Are you wondering why don’t people like you?
Do you think that are always misunderstood?

If your answers were yes then most probably you have just left the incorrect impression but you are not bad at all. Impression management is the term referring to the process of using techniques in order to try to control the impression people form of you, whether these techniques were focusing on the preceptor’s subconscious mind like body language or whether they were focusing on his conscious mind like the words you say still your goal will be creating the impression that you want in that preceptor’s mind.

Impression Management and the Impression Others form of you

Every now and then I receive mails from people saying that others think of them as boring, and whenever I talk to one of these people I don’t find him boring at all, so what’s happening in here? Guess what, he just left the incorrect impression but he is not a boring person!!

To make this easier lets check this example, suppose that you were having a real bad day and that you were totally out of the mood then you met someone new by coincidence, what will your behaviour be like? Most probably you won’t be talking that much, you will be trying to close any topics that are opened and you will rarely smile. Now what the other person is going to think of you is that you are a boring person while you are not.

So the impression formed about you is dependant on your behaviour with other people and not on your true personality, you may be a very interesting person yet shy to talk and so become perceived as boring. If you found that someone didn’t like you, said that you are boring, not interesting or any of these common phrases don’t panic!! And don’t think that you are bad, its just the impression you left that made him think so and not your personality.

How to Leave the Impression that you Want

The Impression people form of you is dependant on many factors like your body language, your clothes, your belongings (car, mobile, office …etc), the topics that you talk about and all other things that are related to you.

By manipulating these items depending on the people you are dealing with you will be able to leave the positive impression that you want and people will misunderstand you no more.

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