In the Stars for June
Cycles of change and development flow in this month as the Sun moves through the dual air sign Gemini. Gemini is concerned with learning as much as possible especially regarding opportunities or any new information that comes to light. It increases our awareness of new possibilities and delivers the hope of discovering something exciting to learn about. This energy may be helpful if we are gathering data or any information for projects at hand. Venus also moves through Gemini and in this air sign it is concerned with socializing and evaluating current relationships and their value. Venus seeks to harmonize through the agency of balancing that which is most valuable. Mercury being the ruler of Gemini is moving retrograde now in its own sign of Gemini and will station direct on June 19thth right after the full moon also in Gemini. We may feel up in the air with all the excitement that these planets in Gemini will bring to the surface however follow the possibilities with research and analysis. Retrograde Mercury periods are a great time to work on older projects that are waylaid. This period is good for creative type work and research. Plans started during a retrograde may need more time to come to fruition since the trickster planet likes to go in different directions, caution is advised. It is wise to give your self plenty of time during the retrograde especially with schedules and to give contracts extra attention to the details.
As we move into the middle of June, after this burst of intellectual curiosity wanes, a growing and sense of emotional intuitive knowing will help ground our energies as the Sun moves into the emotionally protective water sign Cancer. the Sun stands still in declination; that is, its apparent movement north or south comes to a standstill this marks the Summer Solstice on June 20th. The Sun reaches its zenith in the northern hemisphere shedding its light and heat to the colder northern lands. Traditionally this is a time of celebrating the midnight Sun and coincidently the time the Sun begins it’s decent back to the southern hemisphere. This phenomenon continues to give us the sense that life on earth continues and it is timed by the Sun who continues its seasonal passages through our hemispheres. Life continues to evolve and the sign Cancer gives us the protection and nurturance that allows us to continue with our earthly evolution.

Uranus moving through the water sign Pisces will be making challenging squares aspects to the inner planets Sun, Mercury, Venus all in Gemini this means that we are in for an active month in the first half. Uranus seeks to stimulate our imagination; it brings radical change in unexpected ways of thinking and encourages new perspectives. Uranus stimulates us to break free of limitations should we use the energies. Expect the details of information to be fuzzy or contradicting around decisions and our focus to be vacillating this month due to Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus -all planets moving through mutable signs. We may find ourselves drifting from one opinion and alternating towards another. We are likely to receive new information concerning our neighbors over-seas, changes to the transit systems or the traveling industry and the news media are likely to be the areas affected.

Saturn continues in Virgo and during this transit our agricultural resources appear to have become limited with rationing going on within that industry. Jupiter is retrograding through Capricorn and conservative tones continue to paint the global landscape particularly coming from governments and other systems that control those resources. These planets represent the forces of contraction and expansion. Jupiter’s retrograde will cause a trine to Saturn in Virgo later in the fall period. Perhaps it will signify a time that a more stable plan will come into play concerning resources.
Pluto has been transiting direct through earth sign Capricorn; however, it is now retrograding back into the fire sign Sagittarius until Nov. 27th 2008. This transit gives us a last look at our beliefs, religious and spiritual passions. Some questions that may come up during this phase are: has there been a change, a death or a renewal of our belief structures and how are we demonstrating that change? Are we to continue under the illusions that some of the belief systems have held sway over our consciousness?
This month we have Neptune in Aquarius making trine aspects to the inner planets Sun, Mercury, and Venus. This aspect may help to lift humanity to learn more about ways to communicate and offer new exciting ways towards a better perspective especially given that the forthcoming information is contradicting. Transiting Uranus in Pisces has been opposing the U.S.A. natal Neptune at 22 Virgo in the 9th house of beliefs and religious outlooks and philosophy and higher law. This energy seeks to disrupt the illusiveness of some of our most cherished beliefs. For those of us seeking enlightenment these are momentum times for changing old outdating belief patterns. This June will be a great month for internal realizations, healing and new beginnings-a time to let go and practice selflessness.

The Lunar Cycles
The New Moon occurs June 3rd in the air sign Gemini. This starts a new phase of activity and to start working on plans and projects. Gemini Moons are great for networking, research, curiosity and generally for an active period of thinking.
The First Quarter Moon occurs on June 10th in the earth sign Virgo. This placement will give us the energy to analyze the many details that are present given all the information we are gathering this month. And to take stock of what resources we have our fingertips to further our pursuits.
The Full Moon occurs on June 18th in the fire sign Sagittarius. The Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius forms an opposition which will help to reveal the truth regarding our beliefs and wisdom verses the information we have that forms the data bank of those beliefs about things that are important to us. This Full Moon may reveal some of the information to be contradicting and in need of compromise or blending.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs in the fire sign Aries. Aries likes to charge ahead to initiate with passion. This is likely to be a busy week as we tie up loose ends now that Mercury Retrograde is ending. Uranus goes retrograde on this day in Pisces and this may be a time to embark upon ways to discard those outdated beliefs that surfaced in the previous weeks this month.
As always remember the adage; that a wise person is one who knows the stars and the fool is one who is ruled by them.

Here is a list of some of the areas in life represented by the astrological houses.

1rst- house represents the persona, the body, one's physical appearance, the early child environment and general path in life.

2nd- Personal resources, talents, self esteem, self worth, responsibilities, and wealth.

3rd- Education, short trips, daily activities. Communication and siblings. Concrete thinking.

4th- Personal emotional foundation, mother, home and security. Real estate and vehicles.

5th- Speculations, risks, love affairs, hobbies, creative intelligence and will power.

6th- Work, service, health, employers and employees.

7th- Partners, business, mercantile relationships social connections.

8th- Joint finances, debts, inheritance, insurance, taxes, death and regeneration.

9th- Higher learning, marriage, law, foreigners, wisdom, abstract thinking, long journeys.

10th- Career, achievements, father, authority.

11th- Friends, groups, goals, ambitions, desires, and titles.

12th- Loss, sorrow, retreat, meditation, large organization, the unconscious, service and confinement.

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