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Income Ceiling:

The income ceiling affects many people and keeps them from generating an abundance of money. We established our income ceiling when we were young. We observed our parents and based on how much money they earned and the life style they lived we establish our income and lifestyle to be just a little better than theirs was.

You might say yes but I make a lot more than my parents did and you might be correct, however if you adjust todays dollar with the dollar twenty five or thirty years ago you will see that even though you are making more money now than they did you still have a similar life style to theirs.

If your income has remained pretty much the same over the past several years it may be because you have reached your income ceiling.

Just question this possibility and if it looks like you have an income ceiling then now is the time to break through and generate huge amonuts of money for yourself and your family.

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Thank You, Glenn and Barbara Smyly

Author's Bio: 

Glenn Smyly is one of those rare people who dedicated his life to serving everyone God sends to him for support.

For more than three decades Glenn has been blessed to help many thousands of people who have participated in his seminars, workshops, retreats and personal consultations. His patience, compassion, intuition and integrity have generated a safe, loving environment for people to confront their deepest concerns and heal themselves.

After serving four years in the United States Air Force (1962-1966) Glenn majored in Psychology. He became a Certified Instructor for “Silva Mind Control” and for four years conducted “Silva Mind Control Courses” throughout South Florida. Next on his journey toward enlightenment he became a Certified Rebirther and traveled with founder Leonard Orr participating in “Rebirth America”. Glenn has also trained and Rebirthed thousands of people. He continues using this powerful breathing process in his work today.

In 1982 Glenn, in partnership with his wife Barbara, began the “Alivening Project.” For more than 25 years he has conducted at least one “Alivening Weekend Retreat” every month. During that time Glenn has sold and delivered millions of dollars worth of seminars, retreats, books and tapes.

The Alivening list of educational programs, conducted throughout the United States also includes weeklong training retreats, couples’ weekends, singles’ weekends, childbirth and parenting training, as well as stress management, money-makeover seminars and Leadership courses.

Continuing on his journey toward spiritual enlightenment he has traveled to India to visit with such spiritual leaders as Babiji (mentioned in Auto Biography of a Yogi) and a number of trips to be with Sathya Sai Baba in Southern India.

After co-authoring “All In The Name Of Love”, a self-help book, Glenn along with his wife Barbara, traveled on a 13 week blitz of radio and television interview shows. Glenn hosted his own radio talk show in Tampa Florida, “Empower The Hour” with Glenn Smyly WHNZ at 4 pm Sunday afternoons.

Spending time with Glenn is a gift. He brings to all his work a high level of energy, intelligence, compassion and a depth of caring with a strong desire to support people in making significant changes in their lives.

Glenn has four older children, four grandchildren and with his wife Barbara has a high school son, Michael and a Sixth grade daughter Ashlea.