Resourcefulness in any economy, in any time, is a very valuable trait. I recently sent an email to a friend of mine I was planning to meet the next day. We were both traveling in to do a conference, and we're helping people in their economic foundations—building business.

Of course with me, a lot of it's the philosophy and instilling the philosophy—but the point is, it was just an email. I was just saying, "Hey, I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow," because we're both marketers and we've had a relationship by email and phone for a while.

And I signed off with, "Let's see what kind of insane, long-term, moneymaking ventures we can invent or refine!"

Resourcefulness! As Tony Robbins says, “It's never a lack of resources; it's a lack of resourcefulness.” So Kelvin Parker and I were planning to get together and just BS. We're marketers, we're copywriters; to us, the economy doesn't matter. We know the truth—there's always money, it just moves differently at different times.

We may be looking for a new venture, a new way to acquire the money that should be ours. We're sales people. This is the gift the Gods have given us. This is the noble profession we have. It's something like an attorney, you know—this is my profession, it's good!—even though most people don't think that, right?

But I do feel that way about sales. Our job is to help people feel good about themselves, to invest in the ethical, honest, moral, and legal product or service that we, our enterprises, or our clients are offering for sale.

What kind of insane, long-term venture can we come up with? Now, it's not just insane—it has a life, it has a tail. It's not just one hit, one mailing, because we already know that's not the way to have a full life. Life is long-term, as short as it is. At other times, I call it a "match-strike existence."

As short as it seems, it's still long-term, and it takes insane, long-term, moneymaking ventures to succeed. Now, is it more fun to invent or refine? In my opinion, the answer is yes! We do both of these as marketers—and of course, in your life you're doing the same thing.

In your profession, in your field, in your getting ahead, in your sales, whatever it is, it's a continual process of invent and refine.

What do you think education is? Education is about tinkering. Testing is about tinkering, trying different things. Any approach, whether it's a first line in making a sales call, or whether it's a headline on a sales letter, or whether it's the price of the offer—you're always inventing and refining. And so, I just want to encourage you to think.

You know, you just got a little insight. Most of the time I try to talk in my reporter voice—this is what so and so did, this is what the traits are—but today, I shared with you a personal side.

I think it has value, or I wouldn't have done it. The value lies in thinking about and seeing how even in dire economic times, those thought patterns of successful, resourceful people are important. These are the people who will make it though those times, the people who will not be suffering, the people who might have to shift, might have to shuck and jive—the people who are going to prosper.

Let's see what kind of insane, long-term, moneymaking ventures we can invent or refine, and then, of course, let’s go to work doing them!

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