Whether you are in a long term, committed relationship or are in a new relationship, romance matters. After all, romance is what most of us are striving for. There is one thing to keep in mind though; romance and sex do not automatically happen in a relationship. In fact, most of the time couples have to work at keeping romance and sex alive over time.

Here are some ideas that can instantly increase the romance within your relationship:

1. Plan a Romantic Evening- No matter what your budget, you can create a surprise romantic evening with your lover. Schedule a couple’s massage. Cook dinner over candlelight at home. Drive for a day trip or overnight trip somewhere close by. No matter what you do, the key is surprise.

2. Night Away- Schedule a night away from your house and kids. If you have children, no matter what you plan to do for a romantic evening, the distraction is always in the back of your mind. You can book an evening in a local hotel and spend an affordable night away from home, adding instant romance back into your relationship.

3. Write a Note- Nothing is more romantic than finding a love note from your lover. Leave a note on the bathroom mirror, send a love email or slip a romantic card into their briefcase.

4. Cut the Background Noise- Turn off the music and the TV and simply sit via candlelight somewhere in your home or somewhere on vacation with a glass of wine and just talk to your lover. You would be surprised at how seldom we speak with one another. Your partner will appreciate your attention and who knows, it may ignite an evening of great sex!

Romance is often in the eyes of the lover. With so many options for adding romance back into your relationship, simply take action, choose one and get going. And who knows, your sex life may also improve as a result.

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Olu Jatto is a seasoned writer and Director of Olujay & Co Limited (a company incorporated in England & wales) an information publishing and marketing company.

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