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They are not hunting for gold or looking for oil, these Euro rich buyers are in the midst of a virtual land grab to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate of the Euro verses the Dollar. They want to buy up prime vacation properties in this fabulous playground for the elite international set.

These International visitors are determined to find the vacation home of their dreams. They know that the white sandy beaches of Fire Island, NY offer some of the best opportunities for relaxing and having fun in the sun. They know that fine dining and great entertainment are only a few steps away from their dream home. They know that Fire Island is close to the major metropolitan center of New York City.

Who can blame them for wanting the very best in vacation home living? Who wouldn’t want to enjoy themselves in the new in place?

Nestled cozily between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great South Bay on the East Coast of the United States, International visitors know that Fire Island has become the place to be, and they know that now is the right time to take advantage of a favorable economic climate to make a good buy.

It isn’t often that knowledgeable members of the international elite have the chance to invest in prime US property at what is in effect an exchange rate generated discount from fair value, and put themselves in a position to provide themselves and their families with a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a wonderful vacation home. It’s a win; win situation that sophisticated international visitors cannot bring themselves to turn down.

It’s no wonder that there is competition for the select few top of the line homes that become available on Fire Island. It’s no wonder that the US citizens are competing with people from outside of the US to secure some of these choice properties. It’s no wonder that people are flocking to Fire Island.

What a knowledgeable International buyer will need if they decide to join the growing number of prospective international home owner looking to make purchases of vacation homes on Fire Island is a knowledge of the market place and a feel for what is right for their own personal tastes in terms of the community they decide to purchase a vacation home in.

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