The traditional Huna therapists use ancient symbols and the chanting of ancient tonal patterns to activate the cells of the patient through energized sound and light.

I have created three CDs: Chant and Forgiveness, EnCHANTment, and Sleepy Time Chant. I have placed powerful healing symbols in the CDs. When a person listens to it frequently, the symbols are then transferred into their neurology. The ancient Hawaiian meaning of the chant and symbol asks “for the darkness to transform into Light”. After a while, the stuck energy in the body finally moves knowing that it is time to evolve to a higher level of existence. The ancient Hawaiian chants seems to “rattle their cages” in an ancient tonal pattern that is far stronger than our very young English language. We are meant to cut cords daily to free our neurology from judgments that block prayers to our Higher Self.

Huna incorporates Ancient Hawaiian healing techniques that heal you at the root level on the inside, thus enhancing your performance on the outside.

In a session (which can be done in person or distance healing), you'll align the conflicting parts inside so that you can have the Energy to Create in Present Time. It works because Change takes place at the Unconscious level. I use Higher-level vibrations to remove "negative thought forms" from the body and guide you into your own healing ability. I also swim with wild dolphins. During the past ten years as a healing practitioner, I have seen a real need for people to Forgive in order to Heal Themselves. Unforgiveness is the greatest toxin we have in the body. Intellectually, people realize they have to Let Go of the Past, but they don't know how.

Patricia, a 60 year old client, was diagnosed with cancer and seemed to have lost the will to live. She was put in a hospital ward under suicide watch. A family member called me to do some distance healing. I sat in a chair in front of my sacred shrine and proceeded with a chant to evoke the higher beings to come in to assist me. This chant directly connects (“entangles” in quantum physics) the healer and patient. The chant asks for the Light to dissolve the inner darkness and put protection around the client. I had Patricia’s picture to focus on. I sat quietly looking at her and began to breathe deeply to build up Life Force (called Mana in Hawaii) in my body.

The Mana was sent directly to my Higher Self at the top of my head. The Higher Self is a ball of Infinite Light, which holds the blueprint for perfect health. The Higher Self has to be invited to come into us. Since the Higher Self does not have a body, it needs the Mana to activate it, from the Unconscious Mind. I used my Conscious Mind or logical self to will this to be done via the Unconscious, which runs our body. As the Mana was flowing to the Higher Self, the rain of the blessing fell down inside of me, went through my heart, and out my hand to the image of Patricia many miles away surrounding her in healing light. I did this for about 10 minutes. Non-locality healing took place. Then I visually and emotionally cut the cord I had formed with her and released her into the Universal Light. I also said these words releasing her: “Thy will be done for the greatest good of all”. Then my agenda with her was free and she was released to a Higher source. The result of this short process, about 30 minutes, was that the next day Patricia recovered from her suicidal emotions and was released from the hospital, went home, and has been in recovery ever since.

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Farrell is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy, a Master Hypnotherapist and Certified Huna Practitioner of Ancient Hawaiian Healing. She effectively combines these processes in her Hypnotherapy practice helping her clients heal at the root level from the inside thus enhancing their lives completely.
Belinda has created three CDs: “Chant and Foregiveness….A Huna Odyssey”, “Sleepy Time Chant”, and “EnCHANTment, Ancient Hawaiian Chants to the Higher Self”.