Now, let’s start the ball rolling by investigating the nature of energy first.

The Nature of Energy

Energy can be defined as the ability to do work. So, anything that has power has energy. This also means that any process that occurs either in nature or within the human system must have energy in order to occur. This should be very obvious to most people but this realization my not always be in the forefront of one’s awareness. For example, a car needs petrol in order to work and a person needs food. Most people realize this, when they think about it, but they do not realize what I am about to say next. A car also needs food in order to function. This may not make sense to you until you realize that a car needs a driver in order to work and the driver needs food. This point is very significant to the sex system and I will explain the significance in more detail later.
So, a car functions on petrol and a person functions on food. This leads us to the realization that energy has different forms. No doubt, most of you are familiar with things such as heat energy, chemical energy, electrical energy, light energy, mechanical energy, magnetic energy, nuclear energy, life energy or Life Force, and so on. Furthermore, we are taught in high school that energy can change from one form to another but cannot be created or destroyed. For example, when one rides a bicycle one is converting chemical energy from food into the mechanical energy needed to drive the bicycle. This is called the "Law of Conservation of Energy".
What I've just said in the above paragraph is fairly obvious to most people. But, what I am about to say may not be so obvious.
In our world there exist many different types of systems. There are weather systems, ecological systems, urban systems, transport systems, electrical systems, television systems, human systems or the human individual as we may call it, and so on and so on. Now, each of these systems needs energy in order to function. But that is not the end of the story. Each system can operate only with its own type of energy. This means that a car can only run on petrol and a person can only function on food. A car cannot function on milk or even on kerosene, properly. It must have exactly the right type of energy in order to function properly. It may work on kerosene, but very inefficiently and with detrimental consequences to the car. And, a person cannot function on petrol.
So what does this have to do with sex, you may well ask? Well, the human system itself is made up of four systems. It can be divided into Body, Mind, Being and Sex System. Each of these systems can be divided into many Sub-Systems. For example the body has a skeletal system, a muscular system, a digestive system, an immune system and so on. The mind has an intellectual system, and an emotional system and an instinctive system. One's Being contains a system of awareness and consciousness, as well as other systems, which I won't go into here. And, the sex system has physical, mental and emotional aspects.
Each of the above human systems exists on its own energy plane, so to speak, and requires its own type of energy in order to function correctly. Furthermore, each system has its own Back-Up Energy Reservoir. This is common knowledge when one considers the body. Most people know that the body, on one level, stores chemical energy as fat deposits. What most people may not know is that the other systems in the human system also have their own energy reservoirs or energy storage mechanisms, as we may call them. The mind for example, has a storage mechanism which stores emotional energy. This is common knowledge to psychologists, but what very few people know, and what concerns us in this report, is that the sex system too, has its own back-up energy reservoir. This realization is of great consequence, as we shall see shortly.

Now, as we have seen, the body works mostly on chemical energy. The mind works on psychic and emotional energy and the consciousness is powered by various overtones of life force. For example, your muscles convert chemical energy into mechanical energy and so they need the right type of chemical energy in order to function. But that's not all. Your muscles are also alive, so they also need Life Force or "Life Energy" in order to be maintained. Now, chemical energy and Life Force are two different types of energy. Their main difference is that they exist at different vibrational frequencies. This means that Life Force "vibrates" at a much higher frequency than chemical energy. As a matter of fact, all energy is simply vibration. And, all types of energy from physical matter to consciousness itself is nothing more than different rates of vibration. You may be surprised to learn that matter is energy in a low vibrational state. Albert Einstein proved this with his famous formula E = M C x C, which is the basis of all nuclear explosions. Toward the other end of the scale, even consciousness itself has different levels or vibratory states. If we go an octave higher than what most people call normal consciousness we enter the realm of Self-Consciousness, which is the medium for all the altruistic qualities of Man such as Love, Peace Joy etc.
The whole universe itself is built on vibration; just like a computer is nothing more different combinations of a simple selection between ON and OFF, at the basic binary level, so the universe is nothing more than Cosmic Energy existing in different vibratory states.

Now to get back to the human system; your system is capable of transforming chemical energy into Life Force, as well as access this Life Force from other sources, the main one being Being.
Now, the Sex System or the Sex Center, as we may call it, produces sexual pleasure. This centre also operates with its own characteristic type of energy. Many people are not familiar with this fact and it is this lack of realization that leads to sexual experiences with harmful consequences.
When one engages in sex one needs energy in order to supply this act. Many people think that if they have a good meal before their lovemaking session it will supply them with enough energy to get through the night. Unfortunately, things aren't quite that simple. In order to experience sexual pleasure or an orgasm, harmlessly, one must have the right type and right amount of energy. This energy, as we mentioned earlier, can be called Sex Energy. It comes from the Sex Center, which manufactures it partly out of the food we eat, and partly from the energy supplied to it directly from Being. Furthermore, it takes the Sex Center approximately one month to convert chemical energy from food into enough sex energy needed to produce just one ejaculation in a human male or one intense orgasm in a female.

Unfortunately, when most people engage in sex, their Sex Center is not able to supply their lovemaking process with enough of the right type of energy. This is due partly to the fact that this Sex Center is not able to manufacture this energy from chemical energy at the rate at which some people engage in sex, which in most cases is very often, and partly to the fact that access to energy from Being has been denied because of emotional problems. The Sex Center overcomes this problem by stealing energy of a similar vibratory frequency from other parts of the mind-body system. This can be likened to running car on kerosene if you don't have enough petrol left or destroying the furniture in your home in order to supply fuel to your wood heater when you have run out of firewood.


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Joe Anthony is author of the book "A Manual for Self-Mastery". This book deals with emotion management, conflict resolution and goal achievement. The author, who lives in Sydney, spends his time giving seminars on the contents of his book.