Energy Stealing
So where exactly, in the mind-body system, do you think energy can be taken in order to supply the Sex Center? Before I answer this question, let me make it clear that the Sex Center does not run directly on chemical energy. So it does not matter how much food you eat before a love making session. If the Sex Center is not operating with the right type and amount of energy then your lovemaking session will harm you.
Now to get back to the previous question; the most common place your sex center gets energy from, when it doesn't have the right type, is your emotional center, specifically your negative emotions. It uses energy from fear, anxiety, restlessness, hatred, anger and just about any negative emotion your mind can conceive of, to supply its needs. These emotions have a very similar vibratory frequency to sex energy and the Sex Center can easily use them for its operation.
Unfortunately, even the emotional center, at most times, cannot supply negative emotional energy to the Sex Center at the rate at which it is needed, so the emotional center steals pure Life Force partly from Being and partly from various bodily systems in order to supply the extra energy to the Sex Center. What happens here is; an unnatural energy pathway is created. And, when potent Life Force is passing through your negative emotions it has the effect of magnifying these emotions many, many times. It's like blowing air over the charcoals in a barbecue. Once the air comes into contact with the burning charcoals the charcoals flare up with great intensity.
When the negative emotions have been stimulated and intensified they explode like crazy. Fortunately, there is a mechanism which suppresses these emotions during the lovemaking session. This mechanism then releases its influence after some period of time, sometimes hours and sometimes even days later. When this happens the individual feels all sorts of unhappy emotions. These emotions may make him do all sorts of irrational things. For example, he may drink compulsively, eat compulsively smoke compulsively or perform any compulsive habit his imagination is capable of supplying him. Have you noticed how some people smoke or run to the refrigerator after having sex? And the worst thing is; these emotions and compulsive habits appear to come out of nowhere!
The compulsive habits are formed for the purpose of suppressing the unwanted emotions. You can see that having sex under these conditions can make you addicted to smoking or alcohol or make you very fat or lead to any type of compulsion your imagination can conceive. Incidentally, engaging in sex too frequently greatly lowers the metabolism, particularly for middle-aged individuals. This has the effect of making an individual pile on much more unwanted fat than usual. It is mostly energy from the sex center that supplies the metabolic functions in the body. You now know where the statement “Marriage is fattening” really comes from. Fat individuals do not really get that way because of their partners cooking!

Now, in some individuals, the above compulsive behaviors do not happen in the above way. In these individuals, their relationships are usually affected. They start off by losing their tempers on a regular basis. Then they start to hate their partners and even, in some cases, become violent and feel like killing them. These people believe that they dislike their partners because they are not giving them enough sex and also not performing sex the way they think they like it. They do not realize that their current sex habits are draining energy from their minds and distorting their perception. And, when they do get what they think they want, they end up in a bigger mess than they started with. Some individuals direct their rage to just about anything they come across. This is common among adolescents who engage in gang violence and set out on a course of destruction. And there are others, who not so radically affected, go to some professional counselors, where they are given an incorrect solution to their problem and are then told to make up by having more sex! Unfortunately, these counselors have never learnt about the mechanics of the human energy system. You now know why many couples break up!

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There are still other individuals in whom the above effects do not happen. Every individual is programmed differently. In these individuals, rather than stealing energy from the emotional center, their Sex Center takes Life Force from various systems and organs in the body. When this happens consistently over a long period of time, various systems and organs in the body start to malfunction and even shut down. This can result in all types of illnesses from infections to unnatural growths and to various types of system failures such as heart attacks strokes and even loss of hair. As a matter of fact, someone whose system is running on very low levels of Life Force can die from just one lovemaking session. This is usually quite common in elderly men who can die from just one ejaculation.
There are still other individuals who do not experience the above effects as a result of their lovemaking sessions. Their systems are programmed differently still. In these individuals, extra Life Force is drawn from the aging process. They begin to age at a much faster rate than they would otherwise. So, and by the time they are 30 years old they have lost their hair and developed a significant amount of wrinkles. They then look as though they are 60 years of age instead of 30.
I would like to mention in passing that there is a common misconception about virility and hair loss. Most people think that men who lose their hair do so as a result of their high levels of testosterone. This is totally false. Teenagers, who have much higher levels of testosterone than older men, also have thick healthy hair. The reason why most apparently virile men lose their hair is because their sex centre, as a result of excessive use over many years, has burnt up testosterone for energy and DHT becomes formed as a byproduct. DHT can then clog their hair follicles and prevent nutrients from reaching them, resulting in hair loss.

And finally, there are individuals whose Sex Centers steal energy directly from their intellectual centers in the mind. Over a period of time, these individuals start to experience poor concentration, memory loss and distorted perception. And, their capacity for Reason and insight becomes greatly diminished. May I also say that an individual can experience all the above effects at different times. One may start off by being affected emotionally, which will result in irrational behavior and unharmonious relationships, and then at a much later period, become physically sick.


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Joe Anthony is author of the book, "A Manual for Self-Mastery".