A Few Words on Impotence

Many middle aged and elderly men find that they cannot achieve an erection. They think that this is a malfunction and seek to remedy this malfunction by using Viagra or any other type of sex enhancement drug. In actual fact, the inability to achieve an erection is a safety device and not a malfunction at all!
Sometimes, when the back-up energy reservoir in the Sex Center is depleted, due to excessive use, the body will protect itself from further drainage of Life Force from its various organs and systems. This will manifest as an inability to achieve an erection. If one uses, say Viagra, under these conditions, then this drug will override the natural defense mechanisms of the body and create an unnatural pathway to draw Life Force from the body’s systems. And, as mentioned earlier, this will lead to physical and mental malfunctions and illnesses.
The best way to get to the erection mechanism working naturally is to follow the guidelines in this report. So, if you can’t have an erection, then your body is warning you to change your habits and not seeks drugs under these conditions.

The Correct Operation of the Sex System

So how should the sex system work? Before we answer this question we need to know how the Sex Center derives its energy naturally .The Sex Center derives its energy from two sources. The main source of energy for the Sex Center comes from Being. Being is continually emitting high energy impulses in the form of Love, Well-Being, Contentment, Peace, Joy and many other qualities of an altruistic nature. Now, a person usually possesses a certain quality of consciousness or awareness. When one's awareness is dominated by the above qualities from Being, the Will, uses these qualities as energy sources in order to supply the Sex Center.
The Sex Center is able to convert energy from these altruistic qualities into pure sex energy with no undesirable consequences. In other words, the Sex Center burns this type of fuel cleanly with no harmful byproducts. Furthermore, if one is able to consciously access these qualities and genuinely feel them, at will, then one will have effectively tapped into a virtually unlimited supply of energy which can be used to feed the Sex Center. This means that if a person is in a genuine state of love or joy then they are able to express these qualities through sexual acts as much as they like with no unpleasant consequences. They are limited only by their ability to access these higher states.
Unfortunately, most people are not able to access these higher altruistic states because of anxiety or any other form of unhappiness. In this case, it is still possible to have safe sex, so to speak, but only under certain conditions. The Sex Center draws energy from the back-up energy reservoir when access to Being is not possible. This energy reservoir accumulates sex energy through a transmutation of chemical energy by the human system. In most individuals, it usually takes around one month for this energy reservoir to fill. This time period is only an average amount. In some individuals it may take a little less and in other individuals it may take several months, depending on age, fitness levels, and emotional levels. When this happens, the individual is able to perform a sexual act with no harmful consequences.
This mechanism is very similar to the mechanism operating in animals. Generally, an animal is only able to have safe sex when it is on heat or when its sex reservoir is full. And, various animals are on heat at various cycles, which occur over various time intervals, depending on the type of animal. If an animal is induced to have sex when it is not on heat, then the chances are it will die.
Now getting back to humans; if it takes an individual one month to replenish their Sex Center, then having sex once per month will be safe for them. If this particular individual decides to have sex on a more frequent basis then unnatural energy pathways are created and activated. This means that the Sex Center can now draw energy from the various bodily and mental systems, which in the long run will create deficiencies and failures in these systems. And, when artificial enhancers, such as various drugs or alcohol, are taken, it gives the system a much greater ability to draw energy from the various bodily and mental systems, which means that the undesirable after effects will now occur with a much greater intensity.
Alternatively, when one conserves sexual energy over a period of time then this energy boosts the level of operation of the various bodily and mental systems so that it becomes virtually impossible for malfunctions to occur. For example, in males, when the semen is not expelled, then this substance is absorbed back into the blood stream and it energy is used to feed all other bodily systems.

Let’s now summarize the main dos and don'ts of safe sex

. • Never have sex when you are in a negative state of mind. This means that you should not have sex when you are feeling lonely, hurt, depressed, after being angry or in any type of unhappy emotional state. This is not easy to do for most people because most people are not aware of their emotional states at most times. In any case, try to always stay alert and always ask yourself this question before having sex; what am I feeling at the moment and what was I feeling a few hours ago?
. • Only have sex when you are genuinely happy or in a genuine loving state of mind. Again, most people are not even aware that they are happy. So, ask yourself this question before having sex; Am I genuinely happy at present and have I been in this state for some time?
. • Try to find out what your natural cycle is. This is the amount of time it takes your system to completely recharge or fill its sex energy reservoir. This may take a little trail and error over several weeks, which I will explain next.
. • Try to restrict your sexual experiences, including masturbation, to when your sex energy reservoir is full. Many people may not know when they are fully recharged and are able to have safe sex. You can find this out initially by trail and error. It can be done in this way: Have sex, say, once per week and look out for unhappy consequences in the next few days. If you suspect that you are experiencing undesirable effects, of the type mentioned in this report, then decrease your rate of sexual experience until you find that you are no loner having any adverse effects. For example, you may find that having sex in five-weekly intervals produces no adverse effect for you. This then will be your natural cycle, at present. Try then to stick to this cycle until you are able to shorten it considerably by working on your emotional state and physical states. [The fitter you are emotionally and physically the shorter this cycle will be]
If you are able to adhere to the above recommendations you will find that you will also experience triple the pleasure from each sexual act.



Author's Bio: 

Joe Anthony is author of the book "A manual for Self-Mastery".