You have a purpose, the reason why you're born. Sometimes life's ups and downs leave you with enough energy to function at work or school, eat on the go, take care of family, complete household chores, and pay bills. In stressful moments, particularly when in poor health or with zero finances, you ask the soul question: Why am I here?

Your intuition answers that question. Intuition is your inherent ability to gain extended information about people, places, things, and situations, without using logic, physical senses, or prior knowledge. Logic declares, "My parent is a doctor, so I am supposed be a doctor." Physical senses grieve, "My meager schooling left me doing menial jobs all my life." Prior knowledge concedes, "I've always worked for someone else, and nothing will change."

If you believe in a fixed, humanistic future, let your intuition guide your beliefs. Just like an apple seed knows it's created to be an apple tree, you're created knowing what you're here to do. However, the apple tree won't grow and you won't live on purpose, unless given adequate water (self love), sunlight (self-awareness), and weeding (removal of self-defeating thoughts and words). Pay attention when your intuition communicates an incredible dream, strong nudge, heartening words, sudden knowing, engaging taste, appealing scent, inspirational saying, sweet song, and other intuitive expressions causing you to pause and affirm, "This is why I am here."

Have you ever read a newspaper or magazine article about someone's passion and intuitively seen visions of yourself enjoying the same passion? Intuitively felt a rush of excitement when watching people perform activities you love to do? Intuitively heard a joyful sound while in nature and sensed it was where you belong? Intuitively known why you're born, without a doubt? Intuitively tasted harmony when daydreaming about places you yearn to travel? Intuitively smelled sweetness when fun childhood memories resurfaced and made you leap out of bed to re-enact them? Intuitively spoken wisdom revealing why you're born? Intuitively sung a song that spotlighted your theme? Heed these intuitive experiences and others that answer your soul question.

Your purpose lets you choose how you want to fulfill it, in one or multiple ways, and shines your inner light. For example, if your purpose is to inspire others, you can be an inspirational light through music, architecture, education, or technology. If your purpose is to feed others, you can be a nourishing light through parenting, farming, fundraising, and ministering. If your purpose is to rescue others, you can be a saving light, through counseling, nursing, policing, or firefighting. A spiritual counselor told me my purpose was to help others through creativity. The term is so broad that I asked, "How?" She replied, "Anyway you want to." I already lived on purpose, but wasn't aware of it. All I knew was how happy, loving, and peaceful I felt being a creative light, through writing, painting, sculpting, and photography.

Notice how in living on purpose you help others, even with the slightest act. For example, as an optimistic light, you spread hope. As an adventurous light, you spark boldness. As an advocating light, you incite justice. As a creative light, I developed an inspirational photograph using a special effect my anxious right hand clicked on my computer, when my mind intended to click on a different effect. There are no accidents. I didn't change the curious design. People shared how that photograph helped them get through difficult times, and it became my best seller. I was surprised and grateful.

"Why am I here?" you ask. "You have a purpose," your intuition replies. "I'll guide you to it." By living on purpose, life is more up than down and less stressful. Your energy soars. In helping others, you help yourself.

Author's Bio: 

Darlene Pitts is an intuition consultant, coach, speaker, and author of Discover Your Intuition and Let's Talk Intuition. She has sixteen years of intuition study, research, experimentation, and teaching. She promotes awareness and understanding of intuition, to help people control and enhance their lives. She discovered her own intuition in the 1990s, after an angelic encounter during sleep and a series of prophetic dreams. Through her Intuitive Life Review technique, she realized she has been intuitive all her life. She has been a guest on many radio programs and written intuition articles for several magazines. Visit her website at