Intuition, Insight, Knowledge, Invention, and Lateral Thinking

Today’s lesson is about Lateral Thinking, Invention, Mind Over Matter, and the Power of Thought. Insights and intuition come from the subconscious mind. These are just a couple of pieces that give you subconscious power over things in your life.

Intuition, Insights, and Predictions
I like to make predictions form time to time to see how accurate I am. Most people invent based on solving problems. Some people invent based upon need, and insight of how to solve the need. Some people take the high road altogether and allow the universe to tell them what to invent, whether it is needed or not, or if it solves any problem that currently exists. Some scientists write this off as statistical extrapolation and an over-active imagination. Maybe it is.

If you have lived any type of life at all, you will have had an experience like this: You are going along doing whatever it is you do. Some thing or event triggers something in you that says, “I could really use a Widget right now.” (A ‘widget’ is some ‘thing’ that is usually a concept or idea.) You suddenly come to the realization that you have never seen anything like your ‘widget’.

Is ‘Necessity’ Really the Mother of Invention?
At that point, you are given an opportunity to invent, market, and distribute your widget. But, for whatever reason, you decide not to invent your ‘widget’. Then, 6 months to a year later, you are going through the aisle of a store, and THERE is your ‘widget’. Someone else had the same insight as you did that the world was to have this ‘widget’. But, like so many other things that happen in life, it wasn’t you that took action on this. That is fine too. It is your life you are living – not someone else’s.

Throwing Stones at Glass Houses…
At his point I could throw down the gauntlet, stand on a soapbox, and expound on the indefinable of the Universal Knowledge being re-discovered and instantaneously remembered by thousands of people across the Earth at the same time. You have all heard it before, but it still doesn’t give you permission to rip off someone else’s work that they have put their effort, time, and money into. It diminishes the entire human race when even one person takes that selfish approach.

Oh, the Irony…
(This next part is talking directly to those people that actually think it is alright to do things this way.) This attitude of taking someone’s good idea or product and making it your own is very limited thinking. Instead of using the Law of Attraction to bring in your own idea or product, you would rather take the LAZY way. Even more important is you don’t realize what Karmic damage YOU are inflicting upon yourself. That leads me down the path to another soapbox I don’t wish to visit right now. So let’s not go there.

I am GIVING Away a Valuable Idea!
Staring down at my expensive frying pan, and thinking, why would this “Teflon Coated” pan cost so much more than most others? (as my fried eggs are stuck to the bottom of the oil laden pan, again) Sure the base metal is better and thicker. The handle is a little better. By and large, it pretty much does the same job for the same amount of time, and can be just as easily damaged as any other Teflon coated pan. It does have a lifetime guarantee!, that by the grace of God, and sending it back to the company, usually overseas, to review the damage at their discretion if they are going to send you a new one. Well, I think you are getting the picture…

There are currently cooking pans on the market that tout that they are stick-free AND Teflon Free as well. But, what I am talking about is something that I have not even heard that anyone has even thought of yet. Maybe they have! Maybe my invention is already sitting there waiting for me on the shelf to buy. That would be Wonderful! So, if any of you reading this story knows of such a Monster in cookware, please let me know.

As I alluded to before, this is a lesson about Lateral Thinking. Let’s start with the basics. Cookware sticks to food because it comes in contact with the food. Heat and desiccation of the common surface causes adhesion (sticking). So what we want to create is a no-touch surface of cookware. Already, you must be thinking that I am out to lunch. Trust me, I am not.

There is an engineering principle using super-sonics and hyper-sonics to agitate, stir, or create a nonstick environment. Sonics are used in a jewelry cleaning machine to clean your jewelry. Sonics are also used in factory hoppers to prevent substances from sticking to their sides.

So let’s see if we can create a condition on a surface that creates a stick-free environment. There are many types of way materials, metal, compounds, etc. can be applied or stuck permanently to a surface. Some of those can be shaped on a microscopic level by the application process. And some of those materials can be used to create hyper-sonics when exposed to a heat source of a range top.

We may have started with 10,000 different materials, 1000, after application, 100 after microscopic shaping, 10 after creating the hyper-sonics via applying heat as the energy source, and 1 or 2 after considering human consumability.

What this would create is a surface that once heated never actually comes in contact with the food. Therefore, it just doesn’t stick. Ultimately clean as well. Is it possible – Yes. What am I basing this premise upon – A lifetime of information gained and knowing how to apply it in various ways – knowledge.

I am Not Kidding! I am Giving IT Away!
Do I know which material, or the application method? No, but I have some relatively sound ideas how it can be done with today’s technology. But,… I am GIVING the idea away to the person that will invent it. They will have or gain the needed information to create it. I am choosing not to spend money or time in that direction because my life is focused in other directions. Namely, by teaching people the means by which they can accumulate their lifetime of information, and know how to use it to create a great life for themselves.

How do I remember all of the different types of information and how to apply them? Mental Photography! Mental Photography gives me a tremendous amount of information quickly and intensely. Beyond just information, it gives me usable knowledge of how to apply the information. It strengthens the synapses and brain function so that I can retrieve information from all parts of my life, as I need to apply it.

This is true Lateral Thinking, because I can take pieces of one type of knowledge and glue them together with other types of knowledge, run an internalized statistical probability program which tells me how probable the outcome is. The never-stick fry pan has very high probability with the tools scientists have available, such as nano-technology and nano-engineering. Additionally, I would suspect the scientists should look to the titanium compounds first. The application is the fun part. I also estimate a vertical platelet application, probably electrically applied.

An Old Prediction to Reality!
About seven years ago, I told people that they were going to invent a way of storing several complete movies on a unit that would measure ~ 1 cubic centimeter. Today, I now own a flash drive 1.5x1.5x0.3 cm in size that has no less than 4 Gigabytes, and I know that at least 8 GB is available in the same size. The whole drive is the same size as the USB plug portion – which doubles its length. Amazing!

I have made predictions of the stock market, the price of gold, the interest rates of banks, seasonal changes, and many other valuable things. One of my accounting friends recently reminded me that I had “pegged” another one, with regards to the fall of interest rates, recession, etc.

The mysterious thing is where do I get my information from to base my complex algorithms upon? I don’t really have a source of this type of material out here in Australia. You would think that I surround myself with heaps of financial data to consume my day – I don’t. So where do my predictions come from? From the either? On the air? That’s the wonderful thing about it. These are not just guesses, either. Some are very specific.

Stepping outside the lines…
I live between two worlds. The world I live in, the physical world, and this other world rather indefinable except for the qualities of ebb and flow, color, frequency, energy, nuance and innuendo – sort of an altruistic spider web stretching across the universe. My choice is to stay grounded so I can help others. Mental Photography is my key that opens the doorway to this other realm.

So, when my clients want to increase the power of the mind, and step through the portal of “mind over matter”, I know they can achieve it – because I’ve already done it.

No Matter where life takes you, where you are going, or where you have been, you are right where you are meant to be, experiencing whatever you are meant to be experiencing. You are there of your own making. No excuses, no blame, that’s just the way it is.

Always the best to each and every one of you,

Great Things Happen!
Shannon Panzo

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Shannon Panzo is the Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancing techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. His students/clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography--your ability to tap into your natural photographic memory you were born with and re-establish that connection.

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