For everything that exists, there lies a latent potential for it to exist. The realization of that potential is an expression of consciousness. As consciousness is expressed we observe it as energy, it appears to us as time, space, energy and matter. We engage it in light and sound, through natural laws and in how our own brains function. This life force current, innate intelligence or spirit, that underlies all existence is creating, regenerating, directing and guiding all life. Life is expressed through fields of consciousness we think of as spirit. Spirit is what animates all of existence, and guides it too. That which causes life within you is you. You are the consciousness, expressing as spirit through the body-mind vehicle that you will one day discard.

So, if everything is being guided by these invisible streams of consciousness, if there really are fields of energy conducting life, and if we can learn to feel them and be guided by them and get connected with the very design and expression of the Divine itself, wouldn’t that be wonderful? We “know” some kind of energy is being conducted throughout our body, causing life, but do you really know it? There is a whole world of subtle energy guiding life. There are invisible forces guiding your life, you experience them all the time, but wouldn’t it be powerful if you could know what you are being guided towards, and what you are being guided away from? You can work with the Force, the Guidance, with Spirit.

The way to connect with this inner knowing, this Source of life within you that is you, is through Shaktipat Meditation. You may even begin to feel it now as you are reading this. Observe the energy moving from this page into your eyes. Spirit has brought us together so I could help your mind develop a relationship with the Spirit that you are. So my spirit is writing this and your spirit is reading this; an inner knowing is awakening within you now as I remind you of that which you already innately know. Interesting isn’t it? Take deep breath now and see if you can feel the Shakti in your body, let your mind behold the spirit that you are. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and observe the feelings.

Shaktipat Meditation is simply your body and mind being present to the spirit that you are, you basically get high on God as your spirit is expressed through your mind and senses; as your mind realizes the true nature of your Self. Each time we connect through CD, book, newsletter, Enlightenment Radio, retreat, home study or Self Realization Course your energy grows stronger, your spirit shines brighter. We not only make it stronger, clearer and brighter, we raise the level of consciousness you are conducting until you can reside in the bliss all the time.Don’t settle for less. God is calling you. Just stay tuned into this.

From the heart, Steven S. Sadleir

“Anything other than this…is just of the mind and isn’t ultimately real.”

Author's Bio: 

Steven S. Sadleir is the Director of the Self Awareness Institute and is recognized as a Shaktipat Master in two lineages. He has developed powerful distance learning programs for people of all cultures and faiths, trained thousands of people from all over the world, and welcomes all of you who are ready for full Self-Realization.

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