I woke up at 3.30am wide awake with the urge to raid the fridge; out came a pot of Sally Sherman’s tuna salad. I polished it off and the urge continued, so the next thing meant feeling around suddenly stumbling over a box of egg matzos. I love European style unsalted butter on matzos. A cup of tea to down it and back to bed I went!

With food in my belly I hoped to sleep once again, but couldn’t, as I was still fully conscious. While I lay in bed wondering why I was so restless I thought to myself, ‘am I alright?’ A silly thing to think about as I felt great; never better! I couldn’t remember the last time I had raided the fridge, so it must be that I am writing this at four o’clock in the morning for a very good reason. While I lay there I became anxious to write about life.

Balance is the key I keep telling myself. My major goal is to find tranquility, but in order to find it I must be in overall harmony with my life. This moment could be exactly what I am talking about, but then my planned trip on Sunday will change my state of stability and it’s too late to opt for another plan. I suppose I’m apprehensive that the balance I feel could summersault leaving me loose from its grip.

Have you ever felt that total tranquility; a complete sense that everything is just perfect? I hope so because it’s this sense of balance that we should all stride for. It is where we have progressed in our life and feel that we have got to where we want to be and maintaining it for as long as possible. It’s this sense that makes all of life’s frustrations seem insignificant.

The truth of the matter is it is a tough call to have this harmony and satisfaction of breathing clean air, having minimum responsibilities and yet everything is ticking over just fine, eating and drinking excellent food in just the right quantities, getting the right amount of exercise to feel wholesome, loving your loved ones without needing to devote all your time to them, having time for yourself to read books that make you stronger, building a project that gives you a deep sense of satisfaction, and finally feeling the breeze of harmony around you. I could go on, but I think you get an idea of the picture I am trying to paint.

So how should one arrive at this point? For some it happens at a certain time in their lifespan when they least expect it while for others it comes from dedication over years of struggling to reach this plateau. Some reach it quickly and others never reach it apart from when they are taking a vacation. If, however, you fancy the idea of arriving early on and maintaining it for a prolonged period then a plan of action is called for.

Where do you start? If you are a high school, college, or university student it’s a good time to take stock of your situation, calculate the ups and downs of a career path, and your direction in life. This can take some time, so it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got all the answers on the tip of your tongue, but it does mean taking a good look at your life and making a provisional life plan.

It doesn’t need to be carved in stone as everything could change by some degree, and that means you should change according to your needs and desires. The very purpose of putting pen to paper and writing it allows you to keep in touch with the reality you are living. Those notes can be adjusted or rewritten in accordance with your mood swings, but all in all you are in control of your destiny.

The plan should have long term objectives and short term goals to reach it. It might be that your long term objective is to be happily married, have two or three grown up children who are living stable lives, own a large home on the beach, drive a Porsche, and spend weekends sailing your yacht around the coast.

To me everything has a purpose in life whether good or bad. Each step trod should have significance to reach a goal whether it is hourly, daily, monthly, medium time-span, long term, or lifelong. When faced with this scenario I understand why the effort is worth it, why the sacrifices all contribute to the end result. Every step taken should afford benefit in some way whether negative or positive. Learn from the mistakes made to enhance the future outcome.

By moving forward and encapsulating the lessons of these life stages i.e. it’s a learning ground to reach the plateau and by living the experience it provides inner strength and depth in ones own life to give real meaning to existence. In other words taking a step at a time, in a meaningful manner, with the solution grasped and understood it provides the impetus to reach success and a life of achievement.

This knowledge and experience cannot be understood fully until that point is reached because it is a level of spirituality and inner wisdom that many have the fortune to meet in their existence.

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Carl Boniface is an authority on self developing small to medium sized enterprises before they hit mainstream or become successful trends. He has represented global distribution for First Aid Only, Inc and Enviro-tech International in Brazil. He was also a successful leader with Party Poker and Empire Online via Play United in an online gambling e-commerce venture.

As a self starter Carl has experience in a wide range of operational activities and marketing strategies. As a self development expert he has lead extensive sales teams to provide consistent results. Boniface is a successful self made businessman who has worked in many areas of commerce with an emphasis on sales.

Currently he is operating StudentsRatings.com a non profit student support site aimed at high school, college, and university students wanting to improve performance.