These are exciting times for all of us concerned with healthy living and looking our best! While at first that may seem a bit of a lopsided view, when all we hear about is how unhealthy our living environments have become, it is a very true statement.

Ten years ago, no one in the medical community was making the connection between a healthy lifestyle and healthy skin. In fact, even today in the case of acne, rosecea, and eczema, there are some dermatologist who still tell their clients that the foods they eat, skin care routines they use, and lack of physical activity have nothing to do with how their skin is looking.

They continue to say these things to their patients even though medical research has proven there is a direct connection between all of these things and the health of the skin. So, then why do I think these are exciting times for skin care?

Regardless of the old school of thoughts still out there, medical science is finding out what we have known for years... that our basic everyday choices in how we live our lives, put into our bodies, and on our skin... creates what we see.

This means more people will at least hear that there are alternatives to the less effective chemically based products widely available, which not only work better to make you look good... but are also good for your skin.

The cosmetics industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with new products appearing on shelves on a daily basis. Some products are able to help in the way they are intended, while most simply do not work.

This is because everyone's skin chemistry and lifestyles are unique. More and more people are turning to more natural and skin friendly routines and finding just how big a difference it really makes.

So, its time to feel good and look great by learning what to do for your skin in general, to put it in the best shape possible. My key recommendations to help everyone get started are as follows:

1.) Move away from sulfate based soaps and washes. There are harsh on your skin and will tend to cause more problems. Use glycerin and sorbitol based soaps and washes instead. There are several on the market and can be found almost everywhere.

2.) Stay away from common acne control products that contain salicylic acids and peroxides. Don't waste your money on Proactiv, SkinID, Acne Free, or other over-the-counters, as they include all the same ingredients that have been around since the early 1980’s. They are the main reason why most people still have skin problems, as the products do more damage than good when used long-term. Go for natural products such as Ginalé Skin Care, made from effective and gentle ingredients. Chemically free products are better for any skin type.

3.) Try to move away from sugar and processed foods... get plenty of fiber. There is a direct correlation to a slow digestive process and adult onset of acne. Poor diet doesn't do much to keep you young on the outside or inside!

With just a few changes and by taking control of your skin care routine away from the mass marketed chemically based products, everyone can enjoy the beautiful, healthy skin they were meant to have - for life!

Best of all, it's an experience that doesn't trade one set of skin problems for another.

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Author's Bio: 

Chris Gibson is a best-selling author who has been a holistic health and lifestyle coach for over 20 years. His expertise in holistic health has allowed him to write about and share research on the holistic approach to life. Gibson has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows in the United States and Canada. His acne treatment program has helped thousands and thousands of people clear up their skin without harsh chemicals or drugs.

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