Cayenne is considered by many Herbalists, Natural Healers, Naturopaths and myself to be the top herb of all. Cayenne is known as the best, purest and most effective stimulant in the herbal kingdom. Used in herbal combinations cayenne becomes the top carrier and catalyst in the herbal bag of medicine, because cayenne can multiply the power of all other herbs.

Cayenne helps the digestion system when taken with meals and promotes secretion of all of the organs. Cayenne taken internally will work to heal an ulcerated stomach and can be used as a poultice for any inflammation. Cayenne is excellent for warding off diseases and equalizing blood circulation, which works to prevent strokes and heart attacks. Cayenne can help strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation.

My first experience with a healing herb just happened to be with cayenne pepper. It was about 30 years ago and I was suffering with lung problems. I was experiencing a tight painful barking cough with no expectoration for weeks. I asked a clerk in a health food store for assistance. I described my lung problem to him and he suggested I try using the herb cayenne. I bought some pure unadulterated cayenne (the herb capsicum) capsules and followed the instructions on the bottle. That afternoon the cough loosened up and two days later the cough was gone and my lungs cleared.

The next time I personally used cayenne was when I had prostate cancer. Part of the Thompsonian treatment was the use of cayenne pepper to intensify circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrition. The cayenne also increased my ability to cleanse and detox the body. Cayenne was also used to amplify my immune system's energy and healing power. Three months into the treatment I was symptom free.

In my third personal experience, I was involved in a construction accident, I fell from a roof to the ground and injured my lower back. I immediately began treating the injured area with cayenne pepper powder. An MRI exam revealed herniations to the injured area. I was able to continue working despite the injuries and I healed quickly.

My most dramatic clinical experience with cayenne’s healing powers came when a doctor of Chinese medicine called me from Hawaii. He had ulcers at both the cardiac and duodenal sphincters. He said he was in extreme pain and throwing up blood. I advised him to take the hottest cayenne pepper capsules available. Within a day the bleeding stopped and the pain subsided.

Cayenne’s red color is due in part to its high vitamin A content, which is essential for normal vision, growth, cellular activity, reproduction and healthy immunity. It is useful to arrest hemorrhaging (external and internal) and it is cleansing and healing when used to purify external wounds. Cayenne helps heal ulcers in the cell structures of the arteries, veins, and capillaries.

Cayenne peppers are rated in heat strength by Scoville Heat Units. Your average jalapeno pepper is rated at 40 to 60,000 heat units. An African Bird pepper usually reaches 100 to 200,000 plus units and the habanero pepper is rated at approximately 300,000 heat units. For best healing results, 100,000 units or above is recommended.

For Emergency:
I would place the hottest powder or extract under the tongue for crises such as shock, hemorrhage, stroke or heart attack. For daily use I add Cayenne to my food a little at a time. For emergencies I keep powder and tincture on hand.

Arthritis and Cayenne:
Cayenne is the only known herb or medication to relieve the pain and reverse the disease of arthritis. The scientific community has done over thirteen hundred studies and many confirmed that cayenne and capsaicin do relieve arthritic symptoms and improve joint flexibility. You can now find creams, liniments, and plasters in health food and drug stores that contain the key ingredient of cayenne, capsicum.

How I have used the cream for arthritis:
I put the cream on the area and rub it in 4 times a day. Another way I have used the cream is to put a liberal amount on the area, cover it with a sheet of plastic wrap, then wrap it with a sports wrap type elastic bandage. For my elbow or knee I used a sports support for the appropriate area. Treating my back, I used a back support wrap to hold the plastic wrap in place. I felt heat in the area, and if the cream seemed too hot, I diluted it with a little cold cream. If it is not hot enough, I use a stronger cream. I washed off the cream with soap and water one half hour before I showered or took a bath.

Emphysema, colds and flu and all other respiratory conditions:
Cayenne taken internally can quickly improve and eliminate the conditions caused by the above respiratory conditions. Note cayenne is a powerful expectorant herb. When I had bronchitis, I noticed a lot of mucus came out of my lungs as I treated myself.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Blake is deeply involved in Naturopathic Medicine. He used it to treat his own case of cancer eighteen years ago. For more interesting information on improving your health visit The Natural Path or Paul’s Health Blog.